Only 2-3 followers at 120-150 followings

Im getting only 2-3 followers at 120-150 followings. I saw most people from here getting 15-20 followers at same amount of followings per day, without posting any pics with hashtags. What im doing wrong? What follow sources should i enter? Is anything i`m missing?

Are you adding any profile text, sex of the profile, profile pic? are you already adding your link and what are the names of the accounts?

I’m not adding links to my bio. Names of girls, nice profile pictures of girls, profile completed.

I’ve been in the same place for a long time, follower return is very low even though I have pretty good original content. I think it’s all about sources, if you don’t follow the right types of people, you’re just not going to get a return.

For me, I still haven’t found the right type of person. I’m posting portrait photography mostly, if that means anything, don’t know what your niche is.

It’s not about content, what do you mean by content?
Im not posting anything. Ive saw people here which get 25-30 followers at 150 following. Me, with same settings and good profile pictures, i get only 2-3.

Maybe it’s because you have zero pictures, but I’m sure other people with empty accounts can mention their successes in that way. I’ve never followed with a blank account before so I don’t have any thoughts on how that works.

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Ive saw a lot people and accounts which follows with 0 content on their own and get 25-30 followers at 150 followings. Ive also tried with an account which have content, and its the same.

How about you try to post 20-30 pics from some accounts with MP repost tool and see if it makes any difference? In any case, I believe that having accounts with some content make a huge difference.


see form a user prespective if you found a account with no content what you will think ,and i am sure IG is made post pic its look weird or some robotic activity if your accunt is empty thats what i think

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This exactly, it needs to be looked at as if you were actually thinking, “what the hell should i follow this account for?” an instant follow back is more likely to be another bot

Change your targetting

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Normal Name, Profile Picture, Text in Bio, Link. No Pics.


No Interactions except like and follow.

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Also time of day when you following people can be a big factor.

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And when you set time of day?

For IG, no pics looks really suspicious when you have alot of followers.

Accounts running fine. Right now all have around 700-1000 follower.

You should definitely post something if you want to increase your followers.

I posted something on 20 Accounts (used the MP feature “Make the pictures unique” on Medium) and 17 Accs got disabled. -.-

Did you start the operation at the same time? What about proxies? And was the content different, or the same thing over 20 accounts? If you post something at the exact same time, it’s the exact same picture, and then you have a poor proxy setup (2 or 3 accts per proxy)… well, don’t be surprised if IG brings the banhammer down on you. Good luck trying to get them unblocked.