Only Extract USA Accounts Using Scape Tool

Hey guys,

So I had a question. I’m not sure if it doesn’t exist or if I’m just missing something, but is there a way to scrape only accounts of users located in the US. I can roughly do this myself using excel, but is there a native tool within Massplanner that can already do this?


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Yes, scrape after location ID. MP/Jarvee has inbuilt feature of this

what i was saying was scrap a following but only give US accounts in general.

Where is this option?

You can use the Follow tool to scrape followings of a target account and use this filter in Settings tab:

Add U.S cities list in the field.

It’s in the Scrape Tools tab.

It’s possible to use the Follow tool to scrape from geo location as well.

It’s not easy. I think not many people will put the name of their hometown in the bio. And sources based on location are often small, and not very reliable. You will find accounts that posted with that location, but that is also what tourists do.

Maybe a more easy way to find local accounts is to scrape followers of local accounts, accounts which are not interesting for people who do not live in that area. For example small businesses like a hairdresser, garage etc.