Only "friend" accounts in a specific country?

Is it possible to only friend people in the United States?

You can use Contact tool > Extact members to extract only users living in USA or in specific city.

First go to Facebook, use search box and type:

People from Chicago
People from USA

When you get results, click on People tab, you’ll get list of Facebook users who set their place of living as Chicago (or USA depends what you’ve searched for).

Copy the URL from address box to Extract members tool and click on Extract. Wait till the tool finishes extracting, then go to Use members tab and you’ll see extracted users there. You can send them to Friend requests tool from there.

Here’s more info about what URLs you can use for extraction:

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I personally use this Chrome extension to do advance search on facebook. It’s quite useful.

Thanks for the replies!
Would it be possible to use the contact module to extract ONLY USA members from a FB page?

If you read the thread I linked to here, you would see the example there: People from UK who liked Coca Cola.

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OK, thank you, I missed that!