Only video that didn't make into FYP

Theory: because I included “part 1 & 2 in profile” description. Also, took a long time to pick on views for some reason. Audio is just someone speaking that was trending a year ago on tiktok.

Analytics show its traffic is ONLY via follow/personal profile, even though engagement is high… even my other very niche videos have at least 13% FYP.

Quality content skit (previous skits that weren’t as funny on the same topic did over 100x better).

In the past, I also had one video that didn’t make it to the FYP at all (only “follow” or “profile” traffick)
Keep posting, it should be fine.
And from personal experience, videos including “part 1, 2, 3” do not perform well because people don’t want to go and look for other parts. They want immediate entertainment.

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Not sure about this. Those videos can be very enticing haha

Actually, it was probably a glitch. A day later now it shows FYP 40%

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Let’s goooo. Great to hear :slight_smile: