OnlyFans Sauce for Bumble Automation

Hello, fam!

This is a non-obligatory guide. If you already have a working solution - stick to it!

This guide is based on my test.

Bluestacks guide: Using BlueStacks: Proxy, Location

Android Studio guide: Android Studio: Emulation & Manipulation

Genymotion guide: Genymotion: Emulation & Customization

OBS for emulators:

VPS + Emulators + Camera all around the globe: Using VPS for Emulators

Recommended settings:

  • If you don’t have access to models directly, focus on emulators (if you are good on phones, then stick to it),
  • Use 1-2 accounts per phone (1 is recommended on the original app. In fact, a banned Bumble account on the actual app can affect the following statements. So do it carefully. You can test with AppCloner).,
  • Use an additional 10 IG accounts on that phone,
  • Use 1 IG account for 1 Bumble account
  • Fill your profile like an ordinary girl, put effort into this, add a long, typical BIO, and add your IG username (don’t do it the first day),
  • Always use different photos,
  • at AppCloner: Change device ID (random), change IMEI, build random props, hide WIFI, hide Bluetooth, hide other cloned apps, fake location, use proxy SOCKS5, clear cache during cloning (it is just a part of settings; these are core). Don’t use the original Bumble app before cloning.
  • Split the working hours of the account; don’t make it work for too long at one time.

Don’t be afraid to send a few phones to model, buy their $150 PC, and manage them remotely - I know it can sound crazy, but it’s the best and easiest way in some cases.

Forget about creating 100s accounts as you did on the browser. It was okay - some time ago. Now, it’s time to choose the strategy that will work for you for months.