Open SMM panel for IG? How?

I was wondering, how people open SMM panel? I mean the tech side, creating the accounts it easy.
How does it work? how they make it auotmated with jarvee? may be with other bot?
Anyone from inside the industy can share a bit about this biz?
How to make it automated?

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Hey man, you should do some digging because I don’t think too many smm pros are going to be willing to give someone they don’t know the lowdown.

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Any idea where to start?

After the last update, all panels have a problem with the delivery of services. In my opinion, this business is slowly falling…

Most people just resell lol. Almost all panels look the same imo.

I dont need to resell, I have the tech side and man power to create 100k -200k accounts and keep them alive with good proxies
Because if last update I think this might work great, less competition, I dont wanna make shit a lot of money just some extra income so I can see it cheap as fuck and I got my own mobile proxies

Doesn’t matter if you need to, most people are just reselling. Some people sell panel software. No clue how it works but I doubt it’d be easy to integrate your accounts given you don’t know how to do so despite “having the tech side” lol.

If you do not care about the likes of your country, go to other countries, you have cheaper …
If you convert into dollars then you have cheaper.
Come to Poland, Russia, etc …
Cheap countries, then likes
1000 likes will get you $ 2 -5 $ :slight_smile:

The panels work with api.
98% of the panels are resellers from resellers.

Like I heard N2Farm is one big main provider hiding in the darknet.

it’s because they are mostly reselling likes, try finding some that have 5 rated stars

That business is going down the drain right now. Why on earth do you want to start one knowing full well Insta going to make it harder ? These blocks need just a few more limits and they eventually will be wiped off the instagram landscape

Sad but true. Not the best time to start a IG SMM panel right now…

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As long as Instagram exists bots will exist also and panels, every time they make new updates people that are on top (not panels, people that sell service to panels) will find some new solution, they are making millions from this, so it’s not like they will just quit and stop making money haha

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Think they are losing big time right now

No way they are losing. I used to have Instagram panel before 2 years and made some nice money. I am still planning to resume it. As long as Instagram works for real users, It works for us as well lol.

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mind sharing steps how to do so?
I dont wanna be re-seller,I wanna be the provider that every one resells

It’s not easy as like before. I run around 10 accounts per datacentre proxy in my panel before 2 years. Now You need mobile proxies to do that. If you know coding, you can do it yourself.

I got my own mobile proxies thats fine

Hello, sir

I want to buy your technology or solution of this

“I have the tech side and man power to create 100k -200k accounts and keep them alive with good proxies”