Opening an instagram account - need help with safety

Hey guys, i want to open my instagram account where i will present myself as an instagram growth expert/specialist. I want to build an organic audience from the beginning, however im concerned about few things:

  1. Should i create a new account on my phone or should i buy an aged account ? I dont want to wait months until i reach good follow/unfollow limits, so if creating a new account is very slow process, i would go for aged one.

  2. Can i buy like 1000 fake followers for the beginning so i have a better follow back ratio? I’m concerned that this could cause shadowban or something in the future if i do so. But i would remove those fake followers in the future , its just for the beginning…

Any more ideas? I dont have the budget to buy an organic ig account in instagram marketing niche, so i need to go with a new account. So im thinking whats the best way. Thanks!

Is this going to be a personal/professional account?

If so, I’d err on the side of caution with everything: own the account fully and don’t buy followers.

With your knowledge of growth etc, you should be able to grow much faster than most, but choosing where you take the shortcuts will be key.

I know buying followers is tempting but I suggest you avoid that. If you’re still doing email marketing, you can offer people discounts or a few days trial of your service, then ask them to follow your official Instagram account. I believe you can reach 1000 followers faster this way.

My recommendation is to create an account on your own and not purchasing fake followers. It’s better to grow it slowly with F/U method than to buy those fake followers. You’ll harm your main account with those followers from the beginning and IG will prolly flag it.

I would suggest buying an aged/good account with some good engagement not so high but decent then supplement it with some followers try o get a good quality fake ones, you can find good ones 15$ 1k and that should do it, then try to link your account to multiple slaves and other social media platforms and you should be up and running in no time