Opinion: It's Time to Break Up Facebook

Facebook Co-Founder, Chris Hughes, says Facebook should now be broken up all together.


Do you agree -

Should Facebook be broken up into different companies and reverse the mergers of Instagram and WhatsApp?

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I know I do. Curious what your thoughts are too.

Absolutely. They’re a behemoth that is singlehandedly destroying society with bad business practices and manipulative coding/development. Also they’re just plain fucking evil.


imo breaking it up wont change a thing, facebook will still be Facebook.

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How so? You don’t think WhatsApp and/or Instagram won’t be any different?

probably make it like sub company. Like how Alphabet relates with Google.

but I don’t think zucc ever read mpsocial?


desirable… but I don’t believe that it will come true.


My opinion is that the guy who said that is a little bit of a nut job.

“The american people can stop this. We need more government regulation”

No we don’t. No country in the world needs more government regulation. If they start regulating social media too much we might get hit from behind sooner than we know it.

The guy doesn’t have any power anyways so what he is saying has no affect.


I definitely agree with this. Facebook is already clearly biased, imagine if a government came in and supported their biases completely.

Also, this wouldn’t only open the door to regulation for just Facebook, but all platforms.

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it wouldnt be the first time the government has stepped in and broken up a monopoly that was stiffing competition but it hasnt happened in a while

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Imo the only way to save democracy is to break it up, start regulating social media like a utility, and make everything chronological again. It’s not likely to happen.

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Good news if it will ever happen…

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I agree with you. I’m more of a libertarian myself and definitely believe the government should stay the hell out of people’s lives. But I also recognize that sometimes, big corporations can be more powerful than even governments if left unchecked and function as a quasi-government. We already see this with Facebook being able to regulate speech and to some extent begin to monopolize all Internet commerce and traffic.

For the reason, I think you have to ask why is it bad for governments to have more control and regulation, because with increased regulation, you stifle individual liberty for the “good of the collective”.

At this point, Facebook, in my opinion, is crushing individual liberty for all people everywhere, and if not stopped, will become more powerful than all governments combined.

True. But with the way things are going now, we could get hit any day now and we’re all out of business.

If the conversation becomes loud enough, people will expect more out of their politicians. In the US, I am personally excited that this may for once be an issue that brings everyone together - both liberals and conservatives as the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz have been openly talking of breaking up Facebook for awhile.


I see where you are coming from. But you have to see that there is a reason for Facebook becoming this big. They provide something of immense value which so many people use that they grew this big.

Noone should regulate that unless it incites violence.

But honestly, who am I to say. I’m not an expert on how Facebook operates, noone knows. Maybe breaking it up is a good idea, maybe not. But free markets = the right to purchase other businesses and grow as big as you can. We could all stop using FB today and crush them, but we are still using it because it’s the best option.

But definitely love these discussions :slight_smile: Feel free to come back with your thoughts!


I absolutely agree with you and am mindful of the impact it can have on discouraging other entrepreneurs that potentially want to create something big as well.

I also think that in order for there to be a free market, there should also be a healthy amount of competition. I don’t think that government should regulate business practices or tell businesses how to operate but it should ensure that the market is at least diverse and competitive.

By the same logic, governments should be free to grow as big as they can too. However, when this happens, it leads to totalitarian regimes when there is no room for anyone else to hold regimes accountable. I think the same is true for companies. Facebook is monopolizing all of digital advertising, speech, and even our minds. There should be space to ensure that people do have alternative options for their social media.

Hey, I’m all for this. I would love to partner with folks here on developing another platform if that’s possible!

To be fair, Google is the one that dominates that still (and I think soon amazon will be #2). I am currently indifferent to breaking up FB, but maybe I could be persuaded one way or the other.

I know nobody likes him but imagine you are Zuck - so it’s “your buisness”. From that standpoint I am for “free market economy” and against regulations. Even more because it is, as already stated, no real monopoly.

Exactly how I feel!

Looks like Facebook’s problems are getting more complicated all together by not being able to attract and retain top talent…

google with alphabet, facebook, amazon they are not stupid. If they are keeping everything together there must be a reason. The reason could be mostly financial, taxes, stock values, benefits also being a big company instead of multiple small ones gives you more power and market share.

IMO It’s not Facebook specifically but a single organization that holds so much data together with an immense amount of compute power and AI capabilities, be it Google or Facebook it doesn’t matter.
This situation will escalate in the following years and it’s consequences are yet to be known

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