Optimal # of Accounts per VPS

So I recently set up a 2nd VPS for a different business line, that VPS and currently only has 2 accounts running on it.

Both accounts are running flawlessly, hitting their daily actions consistently, no issues etc.

As opposed to my other VPS with 200+ accounts which is a bloodbath (blocks etc)

Wondering if you guys have ever seen an optimal number of accounts to put on a VPS before spinning up a new one?

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Without specs and automation details no one will be able to tell you

Also, are you running JV? (you didn’t specify the bot software)

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Yeah, I’m running JV, I use a pretty serious VPS too.

What are the specs of your VPS? How many CPUs and which ones? Ram? SSD or HDD? How many are you running now and what does your resources look like as of now?

8 cores
200GB NVMe
Unmetered Bandwidth @ 1Gbps port

Running about 200 accounts with 88GB Free

Which CPUs are they? GHz speed?
How much cpu utilization is being used on average?

How much disk utilization is being used on average?

You can find this out by CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and “Performance”.