OPTIMUM amount of posts per day on IG?

What is the optimum amount of the post per day on Instagram? To have enough reach without saturating people

2,3 a day is the best!


Once a day is the best :slight_smile: (For me)

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That’s like asking what are the winning numbers in a lottery. It depends on niche, size, follower location and most of all how active your account is . there is no optimum number


For example, if I have an average of 100 likes posting 3 posts a day, and publishing 9 post the average lowers me to 50, which of the two options is better?

Depends if you are seeking followers or ER. Each is separate tactics. Both are related but they need different strategies

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Depends on the type of account. If you have consistently viral content, 3-5 times seems to be fine. If you have like a photography page or something, once a day, or once every other day.

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Is the quality of content still the same? Do you post on the same hashtags every time? Do you post at peak times when your audience is present?

Forgotten is the account itself. Is it a active account or not? The best hashtags and even powerlikes wil not help if followers don’t engage.
Do not worry if number of post is this or that…worry about ER that way you don’t have to worry about the numbers. Time wise of posting IF account is active will not matter anymore because even on less than peak times ER will take care of it


I would say it also depends whether you are a content creator or you have a curator page. If you have a personal blog type of account, then once per day is ideal, especially since you are likely creating all of your content and you wouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. If you have a repost type of page, 2-3 times per day is good.


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