Order for starting new scraper

My scrapers had been working for awhile up until recently. Since purchasing some more they all seem to end up in an email verification cycle or going to phone verification for which I don’t have the associated numbers.

In what order does everyone load and start their scraper.

My order is as follows:

  1. Add user name and password
  2. Add account to proxy
  3. copy profile settings from another scraper
  4. hit verify button
  5. if account doesn’t go valid then I open EB and request a code to email
  6. add code to EB screen and verify

What am I missing here that may be causing this issue?

I’ve reached out to JV numerous times but depending on who answers the email they are either helpful or not at all helpful

Are there any other settings that may be causing the accounts to need to constantly be re verified?

Why do you need to open the EB in step 5? Did you get an error message when you’re trying to verify the account via API (after clicking on verify via email/verify using code)? I open EB only when I can’t verify via API.

your approach seems to be fine, the main issue is the provider you are most likely buying from a provider that is creating accounts from blacklisted IP’s so when you verify the account it goes to PV or EV so I think you should try from different ones or even create them yourself that will be far better.

after creating the accounts make sure to do a few real actions get them to 200-300 followers then start scraping I think that will keep your accounts alive for a good period of time.

I think these scrapers must have a bad ip and wouldn’t verify from the API

Maybe try purchasing some older accounts from different provider that already have some followers and stuff.

You are not the only one who’s facing issues with scrapers. You can try using API limits for your scraper accounts, see if that helps.

I see, what is the ratio of main account to scraper account? or are you using the classic method? I don’t think there’s something wrong with how you add your scraper accounts. most likely those accounts have verification issue because they make too many API calls. I would suggest you go in Settings > social platforms > IG > delays > check Enable api limits.

It’s most likely you got a handful of bad accounts from your provider.
Try making a couple accounts yourself and adding them to J in a couple days.

I have 5 scrapers to one raw mobile proxy which should be fine.