Order to get Jarvee set up

After extensive reading I plan to use Jarvee for my main, possibly followed by slaves if it’s not too overwhelming. Is the following order correct?:

    1. Set up the free 12 month VPS trial from Amazon (I have a Mac).
    1. Buy a $4 proxy from henrycooper (is this needed?)
    1. Cancel my current service
    1. Sign up for Jarvee trial and download it through both the VPS and proxy.
    1. Set up the Jarvee settings - my current service has F/U at 400 per day so I can begin at this rate

Thanks for all the help in getting me started! :slight_smile:

#2. Yes, especially if you are going to be using AWS. I don’t know that he sells them in that low of an amount. Check his bio and send them a ticket. There are other options if not, but I am not aware of the minimum for many of them.

Everything else yes, sort of.

  1. Get the JARVEE trial. Just download it to the VPS. The VPS IP will 99% chance of being blocked, but maybe just for likes. You might be able to follow.

  2. Put a TEST account in. Learn before you put your valuable account in. You can buy a single proxy that will at least allow follows from many websites.

  3. Learn to warm up a test account and grow it. Especially if you make money the way you have it now.

Total cost to test and learn how to use JARVEE? Maybe $3 for 2 weeks.

Your way has the potential to be very expensive.

One more thing. Account creation is a hot topic these days because if done incorrectly your account will just be banned.

I would buy a few test accounts from people around the forum in addition to the ones you create. Cost per account varies from 75 cents to $5.



I would get a consultation from someone. Maybe @thekingwillwhip can help get you setup on everything. Not sure if he offers that as a service or not. Check with him.

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Hey Cowboy, how new are you to Jarvee? If you’re brand new I would suggest not jumping right into slaves. Do some research on the forum on good warm up settings and proxies and do that with your main. Then, I think you can try slaves.


you don’t need to use a proxy to download Jarvee onto your VPS

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Can you help me to get setup anything? I’m using Jarvee from 8 months… :blush:
Thanks a lot

What? 13charrr


There are plenty of guides to help you set it up, it’s overwhelming at first but not especially complicated


I’d like to starting M/S strategy…
I have only experience to F/U


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Just a friendly tip mate, we’re helping you out but we’re not going to feed you whatever information you want. You have to be willing to put in the work if you want to reap the results. Everything you need can be found in the search bar, and if you’re left with some more specific questions after doing a lot of research, ask away!


wtf is jarvee LMAO,

Edited by @ wortime, DM for reason if needed.

Ok! I’m searching info and start to find the better way for M/S.

Thanks a lot for friends!

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Ok, I have to work hard! :wink::blush:

Thanks for the responses!

@wortime, you recommend putting a test account in for the first couple of weeks but @thekingwillwhip, you think I should apply my research to my main?

“Your way has the potential to be very expensive” - do you mean that if I make a mistake I may get my main banned and it would be expensive to start from scratch, or is there something I have missed?

Yes that exactly what I mean on both.

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Any users you suggest I buy the test accounts from @wortime?

@grown - DM for details
@aditya15417 - DM for details
@SuperSuppe - DM for details
@roy - DM for details

All have 4G accounts

@Babs has accounts that are not created with 4G and so does @HenryCooper

@Verona DM for details
Babs - DM for details
@HenryCooper Click his bio

EDITED: Forgot someone

Also, don’t DM me, DM the sellers.



Do you guys manually check the slave accounts or is it safer to do all actions through Jarvee?
I have the main a/c on the app - will the difference in IP addresses of my phone and Jarvee be a problem?

@wortime do you recommend using a proxy while playing with the test account?
The proxy from henrycooper isn’t given to empty or low quality accounts - do you guys use a different proxy when starting out with a brand new account?