Organic Facebook Outreach


Hey guys…

I do a lot of organic facebook outreach for my job. Just wanted to get an idea of what the limitations are per day, as I ran into a few 1-day messenger blocks earlier this week.

Things I do:
-> Add new friends in the target niche audience
-> Message new friends via Messenger…
-> Comment on posts…

My two most important questions would be…

  1. How many messages can I send per day? Or is it determined per hour?
  2. How many friends can I add per day safely.

Thanks team.


I can only answer for the messages part.

You can message up to 20 new people / pages a day no matter the timings between the messages. I know this because recently I was looking for a job and I tried to message pages to get in touch with the owners/managers/PR department.

Back in 2017 the limits were up to 50 messages a day. I was doing a similar job to yours back then.

Good luck with your work and watch out for the blocks!


You can’t add freinds anymore you will get blocked


Very easily to get PV then Photo blocks actually…


That’s weird… I’ve messaged an almost infinite amount of people in one day and never had any blocks - am I considered a legitimate profile or have I reached some kind of immunity status?


if they are your friends, you dont have limits, but for people outside your friends list, i personally received blocks


No, they were all outside my friends list - but they were in the same private groups.