[Organic growth] How to make an account grow by itself (You won't even have to post)


I know this is old but i just joined to forum. I’ve experienced something weird in one of my new pages i manage to grew that account to 1k followers within 1 week only with hashtags use. Everything cool until i got shadowbaned. Then loged out and leave the account rest for a while. Next day i saw from analytics that got only 43 followers (not bad for being inactive and shadowbaned. But something wierd happened. Without even log or post in to account next day i got 607 new and next one 1457 followers for a total of 2064 followers in two days without even posting by then i was already un-shadow banned. Is it something like viralizing the account itself?


There is a very big chance that your post is under the ‘suggested’ section of some very big accounts. (Like explained above). Good job on the organic growth!


This is really nice strategy to grow organically. I have also noticed one thing that when you make your profile private you can grow organically. For that the account must be bigger than 20k+ Followers. Your bio helps a lot in that. You should change your profile name to something like “accepting soon :v:t3:, “ accepting limited “ , or “accepting first 100” etc. You can use such a name. And do shouts when you are private.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I just checked some of my accounts and some random profiles are there. I’m struggling to understand how they could be on my suggestions. Nothing in common except the niche but they’re actually before accounts with way more followers.


Roy like this comment. I though I would update for 2019, since this was last year I wrote this.

This feed is unmerciful. Even when I set to private to prevent bleeding of followers which was my tactic in the past, this is no longer true for this time. Public or private the unfollows come. This did not happen in the years past.
I cannot for the life of me, figure out why. One page of mine losses 330 to 370 a day – in that ball park, funny how it is always in that range 90 percent of the time. Saving grace is it gets 450 to 900 new follows a day.


The more I look into that the more I think that is not possible influence the recommendations that much. I think that the criteria to be on there depends 90% or even more on how many of your the followers of that account follows you.


suggestions are based upon 2 things – most often

  1. who the account follows
  2. how much interactions between them.

say account A follows b-c-d-e
if you follow account A – b-c-d-e will show up on sugestions( and or other pages in the niche)

the order of b-c-d-e will be based often on the interactions between A and those.
Now, if you follow b.c…d,e and just followed A –
other accounts will come up often in the same niche/arena as A.


So, if I want to show up on account A suggestions I have to follow the same account A follows and interact directly with A as much as possible. Right?


yes. A gotta interact with u to.


Great profile optimization tip!