[Organic growth] How to make an account grow by itself (You won't even have to post)


Growing via suggestions
We all know the suggestions that you get whenever you follow an account on Instagram, most of the time these suggestions are other accounts that are strongly related to or in the same niche of the account that you just followed. This might not be very interesting on first sight, but imagine being under the recommendations of @Mcm or @Jawlines as a boys page? That should be bringing in a lot of organic growth everyday right? Well that is exactly what I tried to do, I didn’t get under the suggestions of @Mcm or @jawlines but I did get in the suggestions of some smaller accounts like @dreamboy.z.

This (@lifeindubaiuae) account only has 7k followers and a 2% engagement rate but is still suggested underneath @Millionaire and @Luxury

How to do it
To get placed in the suggestions of an account, Instagram needs to recognize that you are in the same niche. You should be able to do this by copying a lot of stuff from the account that you want to appear on, I copied the full name of @Jawlines and put some of the stuff in my bio like ‘Dolan Twins’ and ‘I love cute boys’.
After that I started posting pictures that were easy for Insta to recognize as a ‘hot boy’ and I started using the same hashtags that big accounts in my niche were using.
Eventually big and small accounts in the ‘hot boys’ niche were appearing in the suggestions on MY account and I knew I was on the right track. Instagram recognized my account to be in the same niche as these suggestions so I should be appearing in the suggestions on their accounts as well! I already noticed that I was getting a lot of followers without using f/uf (15 – 60 a day) but I thought that it was just from my posts ranking on some popular hashtags. Didn’t really think about it until I decided to check my insights, I wasn’t getting any followers from my posts at all and I was following 0 people. The only way I could be getting followers was through the suggestions of other accounts which was sick, eventually I was growing without even posting!

Why you should do this
-Great introduction to organic growth
-Easy to implement
-Requires a bit of creativity and exploration of your niche
-Grow without posting anything

How to boost this
There are of course a few ways to really boost this effect but I won’t tell that for now, you guys will have to start thinking outside the box on this one. Reason for this is because it would become very saturated very fast if everyone knew how to get suggested under gigantic accounts with only a few minutes of work.


Nice outline mate!

But what is with the above? If you don’t want to share it, 100% fine, but no need for teasers.


I love the insight but yeah, as said above, I feel like I just watched a movie trailer :yum:


Very good and detailed thread. You should of told them how.
This is also why I set my accounts to private when they start losing followers. The bleeding of followers stop and I start start goring again. Also engagement goes up to in private because I post stuff for eg not to get on explorer. Win win situation.



@grown great thread as usual!! Don’t be afraid to tell us. I am sure once it gets saturated, your genius self develop a new strategy.


I have actually seen some posts from private accounts on the explore page recently

For the people complaining about the teaser, imagine if all the 1000’s of people knew how to do it. We would run out of big pages to rank under very fast because there is only a limited amount of very big pages. That is what makes them special lol.

If everyone knows how to get suggested 90% of the time , no one knows how to get suggested 90% of the time. That is why I am asking a bit of creativity from you guys, so this won’t get saturated into a fucked up suggested section on a lot of accounts.

I gave you guys a whole new concept to work on and to explore, now it’s your task to work it out.


Then at the time you saw them they were not private
A friend of mine gets 5-10k a day and has leave on public to register new owners…for a day or two


A) I was not complaining, but pointing out rather

B) What is the point of teasing there is more?

Write out the outline, collect everyone’s appreciation, the end.

“There is more but not gonna tell you about it” is just redundant, unless, you are leading up to a more in depth paid offering later on.


Maybe to sell the other ideas to those people who are going so send him DMs begging for the information :wink:

It’s classic on these forums. Building up some trust and status with a couple of posts and then cash in on the DMs without opening a sales thread.

Just my opinion…


Not on this site. Information is here free, and value based. Many give info only acquired from pain and failure to eventually succeed. Unlike black hat world or other sites, the fakes are often proved wrong and success is wanted for all. Yes there are the few who say give me money for this or that but often we jump in and tell how to do it free.


I’m quite new to this so please forgive me if this is an idiotic question:
When copying text from the account, are keywords more important or would segments of identical text likely have more of a benefit?


@MojoJojo I do appreciate folks mentioning ideas of what is possible, even if they don’t share everything. :smiley: Plus, this is the public area, I expect higher caliber stuff to be shared in the private forum.

Thanks @grown you’ve expanded my mind and given me a new idea to experiment with. I never thought of the power of being a suggested user. I’m 95% certain I know what else has to be done based on similar concepts…


Asking money for this kind of stuff would be a great way to limit the amount of people to do this, but

  1. That is just not how this forum works
  2. You are less likely to share it if you find it out yourself


You are right, there was especially one person in this forum. But we dont know if GROWN is also like that and unless he’s offering any hints in that direction, the best we can do is not to judge him, because so far he has already given value to this community. And there are other people like WORTIME who has never asked for money.

@grown / Felix:

Thank you again for your time :slightly_smiling_face: I am thinking about what you could have mean how to boost this and I am having an idea. Maybe in the end, I am wrong, but even if so, its okay that you dont shared all info here. Then at least you gave us some inspiration. Excited what guide you will share next . :smiley: :+1:

Dankjewel, Felix


I thought that suggestions are based on following relations) Thank you for sharing! I will try it and see if I can find out your secret weapon by myself))


It’s based upon who you like mostly


A nice little strategy to add to the toolbox. I like these organic manual methods more and more as Instagram increasingly punishes botting.


Hey there, thanks for the insight, aprrecitae it and will give it a try. Whats with big accounts not using hash tags?


hashtags = 99% likes from bots = something Instagram really doesn’t like = posts appearing lower in feeds = lower engagement


Seems simple really. Ill give it a try but I am running up against the 150 character limit.