Organic growth problem.

I have a problem with getting an organic growth on my instagram accounts. The niche is travel/nature. When i post something, the post usually gets 0-1% interaction with people who aren’t following me, while it gets 99% interaction of people who already is following me. How do i reach out to new people? I use hashtags and I’m trying to post creative content. I have 500-600 followers on both accounts.

sorry for my english

you should look for different hastahgs maybe with not a lot of posts to have a chance to be discovered more with these hastags also you need to go and bring new follower by interacting with their post. It will be more time consuming but it’s working for me like that

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organice growth its simply a matter of numbers and math the more you appear in comments and hashtag the more people will attract to your profile the more chances you get to convert them to followers so you should have a plan on how to interact with people and what page its healthy for you , while hashtags are good but in reality they’re just a part of the game use branded hashtags to get known , encourage your followers to use it , maybe do just for fun a small contest with the best photo will win a repost and use stories and alot of stories cus the updated ones appears firsts so make sure you always have something like each 3h/5h and go to related pages and interact with like minded people and test new things and note it down so you keep track and yes it takes time but if you doing correctly you ll find pattern and know when you should post and how and when and like that you ll have more experience and less guessin work


Make sure you check all the hashtags that you’ve used until now to see if some of them are banned. I did that mistake when I was starting out and used some banned hashtags that killed the reach of my posts. When I removed them and stopped using banned hashtags in future posts, the reach drastically increased.