Organic Instagram reach in July 2021

What’s your organic account reach in July 2021?

Let’s try and give people a baseline to look at if they think their reach is limited, or to see if it’s just Instagram doing what it does best.

:fast_forward: Go to your last few post insights. Look at your ‘impressions from home’ and compare it to your total follower count. What is it?

  • <5%
  • 5-10%
  • 10-20%
  • 20-30%
  • 30-40%
  • 40-50%
  • 50-60%
  • <60%

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Feel free to comment your exact circumstances below :point_down:

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from my personal experience the reach working like :ocean: the 6 last months were amazing.

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That’s good to hear! Was there anything specific that helped?

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I had a few drops these last weeks but nothing serious things are going smooth, better than few month ago.

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The organic reach is very rewarding now if you compare to 2020 and 2019. Feels like they try to have the same organic reach as Tik Tok which is playing on our favor.

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I agree. You can see it with things like Reels - they’re giving creators the opportunities to increase reach if they want.

Same! I was getting worried at some points in the past month :sweat_smile:

nothing to worry about this happens each year and every few months IG is mysterious that way, they try to keep things spicy and not always easy i guess :joy:

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