Organizing a little game to grow

I was thinking to organiz a game where I would send prints (photographe account) to selected followers. how could I optimize this and stay simple? any idea?
I was thinking of somting like :"comment with the name of 5 riends to get a a chance of geting a print"
maybe somting better I woud not think of?

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You mean a giveaway?

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yes :slight_smile: absolutly…

Connect with a few more photographers and try the loop giveaway.

I would prefer avoid looping… :slight_smile:

What do you mean by stay simple though?

May want to be careful with loop giveaways now that Facebook and Instagram just changed their algorithm again in December. They specifically said they will punish for these types of activities.

Cant stop this. I call bullshit

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Build an email list instead and then market your prints through email marketing. The lead magnet will be like you described, a free print(s). Maybe do the “tag a friend” method to build up a follower base (if you don’t have one already) and then move on to email marketing.

hahahahahahahahha zuckerberg is such an idiot. Yeah cuz that worked so well for google 5-10 years ago when they tried to make clickbait and dishonest seo against the rules.

I am going to be so happy when zuck loses his monopoly.

I think a lot of the policiea zuck is releasing is just to save his own ass. This fake news stuff is unstoppable but he says hes trying to stop it juat so he looks like a good person. Same with donating hia wealth, all political moves. The guy is dumb and a scumbag so I wouldn’t worry much at all.

Facebook is driven by all the stuff that it claims to hate. Facebook knows that if they really clamped down on the engagement games, political wars, race baiting, fights, etc. that users would stop logging on. A case of cognitive dissonance.

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Facebook will become a total sellout only sharing certain companies ads and only showing us stuff we don’t want to see.

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