Organzing 500 plus accounts

Hopefully I’m posting this in the right section :slight_smile: I’m looking for a program or a system of organizing account names, proxies, passwords, emails, notes on each account. I was thinking of using a CRM (customer relationship manager). Granted that’s usually used to manage a lot of paying clients, but I’d love 1 place to log into when I need to see a proxy tied to an account or the password and so forth.

Anyone managing a lot of accounts have a tool or system they care to share?

Excel is fine for this :wink:

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Looking for something more 2017 :wink: I’d love an app or something, but agree Excel works. I use it now.

Excel is simple and efficient and you will have less problems with it in comparison with app and other software.
For such things i use to organize excel since years with 0 problems.


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@wewalkinghere, this thread is about organization not your issue.


Sorry for this, just don’t know how to reach people that might have the same problem. Though people should look into this to see if they have the same issue…:pensive:

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If you have already contacted support, then I would suggest trying what they say. From my standpoint, it looks as though they have offered a reasonable solution to the problem.

I use Google drive for all this type of stuff, had a friend even hook it up with a script to pull in the follower metrics, stuff like daily growth, number of followers etc even have it check if the account has failed to post or got banned and send me an email each day to let me know


How willing would you be to share that script in level 3?

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  • Maybe
  • Only in level 3

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I’ll try and share it, to be honest I’m not totally sure how to even go about sharing it, I’ll try share it over the next couple of days to level 3

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I’ve been messing around with integrating Python into excel and some VBS scripts for different things, not saying I can figure it out, but I would like to try.

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I’ll try make a copy of the sheet and delete all my account data from it then share it in level 3, how the actually script works is kinda voodoo to me since I didn’t create it/know much programming


Awesome. I know 2 things about programming:

2. Shit

I mean, I mess around with it, and what I do actually know is pretty much useless but hey, it might be fun to figure out!