Our Amazingly Beautiful Mess

Hi All,

I’m in a good mood today and I just thought of sharing what made it :sunny:

A couple of days ago, my sister was told that her only son (my only nephew) may have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and this broke her. As the big sis, I tried to comfort her, and of course did a lot of reading, in the hopes that we will get a better understanding of it.

I stumbled on this awesome video (which I already shared with her) and I realized that maybe Autism is not really a disorder, it’s more of a beautiful mess :slight_smile: WE all are unique in our own little ways, that only ourselves or a few can get our drift but that’s all cool, you’d still be special. And yeah, know that is true!

Have great start everyone :sparkles::smiley:


Not sure if you’ve watched this documentary. I came across this few months ago, and it was a really touching story.

Side story, i, and presumably alot of us don’t understand Autism and why they behave in a certain way. Back in highschool, there was a guy that’s (only later on in life) i realized he was autistic, but (and i feel really bad) we did something terrible (despite being told repeatedly not to disturb him). We didn’t understand who’s decision was it to put him in a normal class, as we had special class for them, so his case is very unique. He have a sister, so i guess they decided to have them in the same class so that his sister can watch over him.

I didn’t do anything to him as i felt really bad for him, but there are other a**holes that will occasionally disturb him. Other times, he gets really aggressive and starts to beat people and throw things at them. He always bit his palm until the skin wears off. And he always repeats only the few words that are taught to him.

What amazes me, is that he always carried a thick space-science book, and the content is so deep, nobody understood why he would carry it. After watching a few documentaries, only then i realize they’re really good at 1 thing and will focus on that 1 subject matter possibly in their lifetime.

But what i wanted to say is, treat them like normal when they’re young and let them try everything they can. The last thing and never should be done, is labeling them as outcast of society.


Thank you so much @dddd this means so much. We accept that the journey is not going to be smooth at all times but knowing what to expect makes it a tad better. Again, I really appreciate it, much gratitude from me, my sis and tot Zeke :slight_smile:

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Those were both great videos. I remember seeing the “human camera” one.

Tot Zeke will be loved and nurtured. Thanks for the share @mommyfats

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Thanks too @wortime, acceptance is the first step. While it’s a big heavy one for all of us, I’m hopeful that the next would be lighter :slight_smile:

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When you read brandon’s bio and you realize that you actually want to be autistic, so you could live without adderall


Yeesh, sorry to hear about that. Must be a horrible thing to have to deal with. I know a family friend whose son was born with autism and they were having a really tough time raising him. What’s unfortunate is that he’s SUPER intelligent and friendly, but is basically uncontrollable. It’s such a strange disorder :confused:


I was thinking the whole day to post my 2 cents or not.
Here we go.

ASD is a very broad diagnoses.

I remember taking a test for autism.
Not some junk from the internet but a actual test from uk gov website.

I am level 6. out of 10 There were 48 questions or 60.
WTF does that mean?

Raise him like a normal child.
Don’t treat him like a special snowflake because if you do he will feel like one.

I was a R-tard growing up always twiching always screaming.

Look at me today.
My only problem is my confidence.
Have little. Why? Because I was not raised in a certain way.(not blaming my parents, my fault)
I know I have this issue and I do my best to fight the urge to close myself in home and not interact with people.

I’m fine your sisters son is fine.

He will grow up to be the next Mendeleev. The chemistry dude. Make a billion dollars and have a big fuzzy warm beautiful family.

Those are my 2 cents.

I’m off to sleep :smiley: 24hrs for me is a tad bit to much.


Yeah, we plan to do that. Thanks so much; know that you are and will be an inspiration to us :slight_smile:

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No worries, we will try to make him live a normal life as he possibly can. The only thing we are struggling at the moment is when keeps on banging his head, it pains to see a tot barely 2 y/o do that but he can’t help it and we can’t help it as well, but pretty sure everything will slowly get better from here on :slight_smile:


Yeah, Brandon may not know it but he is a ray of sunshine to us :slight_smile:

@mommyfats I just ran across this post and read about your challenges. How is it going? Any updates you are willing to share about Brandon?

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.