🤯 OUTRAGEOUS growth and engagement

Okay. What in the world is this account doing?

And 20% engagement

I’m sitting here with my 15K account getting between 1.1k-1.5k likes wondering what I’m doing wrong lol

Looks like m/s to me. + a giveaway at the end

EDIT: or he went super viral, but I’d assume a big big giveaway. Keep track over the next days, if it was a giveaway he’ll lose tons of followers over the next days :slight_smile:


She must be wealthy… and I can’t find any of her slaves. But you’re absolutely right. She has to be juicing

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I personaly don’t do any fanpages at all, only niche accounts as slaves. Most people do that now so you won’t find any of her slaves :wink:


She’s been gaining at this rate for at least a month or too. Look up her account @annsaxs

Lol agreed. I have a few slaves myself :eyes: :sweat_smile:

Her profile has been going private these 15 last days, and it has been part of her growth strategy as she gained a few thousands more followers than usual.

I don’t think it’s an M/S strategy, as the “targeted” followers here are total shit, without any filter or quality.

On top of that, it’s a kinda “babe account” with a 95% male audience (at least from the last few hundreds), thus you can grab a few hundred more dogs you know … :sweat_smile:

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Her engagement seems particularly high, even for a babe account? Definitely something to keep in mind (going private to gain followers)

The fact she brings tons of traffic and because she is a babe account, she gets many, many likes.

Just get boobies, you’ll understand why your 1250 likes will transform into steady 3-4k instead :slight_smile:

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it’s promos guys, pumping in the moneyy

I feel like giveaways are the new (expensive) pannels in 2020.
->Buy an enter to the contest, win tons of followers not qualified in what you are promoting or your content
->then expect to lose all of them in the coming weeks because they don’t give a crap about you’re posting
-> shadowban by the algorithm that don’t understand what hundreds of people would unfollow you everyday
->engagement fucked and you won’t be able to monetize properly your account
->start over and over :woozy_face:


Instagram doesn’t block often anymore! It’s great!

Her engagement seems good at the moment… but who knows? We may see a crash

how do you find someone’s slaves?

The best way is by going on her post and looking for who commented “follow back?” And see if they are following her slave. When people “double follow” sometimes they feel entitled to a follow back even if someone has a lot of followers.

Also, some comments mention she has several accounts.

I didn’t check this as thoroughly because I don’t want to waste my profile views on this

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Are there any limits to profile views?

It seems her profile does not exist anymore?

It’s not disabled. Either PV or name changed

Just a thought here. I know this post is made some time ago, but thinking actually, can’t it be she was using fake followers drop fed and auto engagement turned on? Alot of smm panels offer that?