Over +200 IG accounts just sitting in my platform how do i recover them?

Hey guys i have 200+ old IG accounts in my platform that i havent touched in over a year. how do i get them up and warmed up safely without any bans / resets ? thanks in advance ( theyre all currently hooked up to regular proxies ) and i should have the emails somewhere in my files if that makes the situation a little better :grin::smiley: !

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Don’t enable them all at once. Do it in periods. Enable two accounts day 1, 3 day 2, then none for a day and etc etc. If all those accounts suddenly become active then instagram will for sure get triggered and block most of them. Warm up with low settings for a while first.


well i wanna move them from old regular proxies to 4g proxies should i connect up the proxies wait a day then login to an account and then let it rest for 3-5 days and then rinse and repeat but with . different 4g proxies and obviously let the accounts sit for a week on the new 4g proxies before starting to do small settings