Overall reach drop even if followers growing

Is it me or overall reach on Instagram keep dropping? Like now, in 2021 with 11k followers I have similar reach which I had back in 2018 with 6k followers, while they all are real people. I noticed same thing with old bigger accs which I’ve been following for a few years,even if their followers are growing their reach is still 2-3 times lower than 1-2 years ago. I just feel like these years of growing been wasted time

I’ve noticed that too.

From my experience, after the second password change/verification alert, instagram stops forcing a verification, allows the automation to continue, and instead stops the account reach from growing any further.

Does anyone else have experience like this?

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it doesn’t make sense to have a lower reach when getting more followers I think there is something else to it in this case maybe the way you do actions on that account affects your reach somehow.

@Luca Thank you for answering! But what can be the case? I don’t use bots on this acc, post every 2-3 days at the same time, content quality and niche didn’t change from times with better ER, the only thing I’ve been doing is manual F/UF, but when I stopped doing it for months I still didn’t notice any change in reach

It’s hard to tell why your reach got smaller every account can have different trust score, but what I noticed to be working for some friends who even used fake followers from panels… They stopped with it and after they started getting engagements (visits, comments, likes) from other influencers and popular real accounts in niche, that they started growing organically and never stop later. But it is required that you also keep posting quality content, by that it must be really good content, see what your followers like most and try posting more of similar posts, also do story views, live videos, reels, whatever you can. Try to make friendship with some popular people so you can interact with their accounts and they will do same with yours, and then hope for best. I think this really helps…

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I actually had the same issue some few weeks back. Are you using a third party app to schedule your contents? or using a FB native apps? This might be a cause in most cases. I believe IG is cutting down on the reach of accounts using third party schedulers. This is not proven, just my thought.

Probably some sort of shadowban. How long does that reach drop last? Is that all the time or just recently?

Do you really compare 2018 vs 2021?

IG has changed few times from that time :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

@Cobby_007 thank you for answering, no I don’t use any third party apps for IG

@Jaha I noticed some reach stuck after big changes and block waves in summer 2019, but I continued to grow manually(from quality same niche sources), but my ER continued to drop slowly, like I had 600-1000 likes with 6k followers at the start and now after two years its slowly dropped from 15% to 4% , struggle to get even 600-700 likes. I’ve never had very big numbers or big sudden drops of engagement, so its looks more like account is stuck in some kind of swamp.
Best engagement and reach I’ve got in November-December 2020, then its started to get lower again, I’ve been using manual M/S method and even started getting views from explore, but about at the same month when stopped M/S reach dropped and stuck, maybe its coincidence or activity from M/S somehow kept account more alive🤔

you can try and change your methods maybe the fact that you keep doing the same exact thing led to that try using different methods to promote your account you can start with influencers and some ads if you like and see how it goes.

This is one of many “engagement shifts” that happens as a page grows.
The one you describe can be “solved” with a mixture of bandaid solutions & the real solution.

Bandaid: Create/Share high engagement worthy posts (i.e. Posts that encourage reactions). Also, encourage people to turn on post notifications & include CTA’s in your Posts’ captions.

Real: Keep consistently posting. Assuming your engagement was organic (meaning few to no growth hacks like F/U, powerlikes, etc), the same growth you benefit from must benefit others who post similar content to you. The same growth cycle will kick it at some point in the future.

However, this point in the future is undefined (intentionally). This is tempting you to go the paid route for reach, but if you go down this route, you’ll keep having to pay for it.

Hence, use the “bandaid” while mixing it in your current content strategy.
Don’t expect it to change anything overnight, in a month, or six months.