[OVERVIEW] Buying accounts VS Creating accounts


Hey, back again with another guide! :slight_smile: I will be trying to overview the main differences between buying accounts and creating accounts. I am talking about Instagram. Most of us are managing Instagram accounts and came up to the thing where we don’t know whether we should be buying Instagram accounts from sellers or rather creating them by ourselves. Well, people who used to manage hundreds of accounts probably prefer the first method over creating accounts, since it saves them a lot of time. Some experienced Instagram marketers probably have their own custom tools or use existing account creator software where they create their own Instagram accounts. But at the end, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for doing either of those methods.



  • It saves you a lot of time. For those, who are busy or don’t know how to create accounts on bulk or rely on the account creation methods that most of the sellers do, probably find it suitable just to buy accounts from sellers. This is the biggest advantage of buying accounts over creating them by yourself.

  • In some cases, the costs are much cheaper than creating the accounts by yourself. There is no need to develop your own software to do the dirty stuff since the account sellers are doing that.


  • Since account seller has all the information about your account, it is less secure unless you change all the details, such as Instagram password and Email password. I heard some cases when sellers used to acquire their buyers’ accounts by doing bad things.

  • You don’t know how the seller has created all accounts unless he tells you (don’t believe 100% of what he says, might be lying so he can save his business, clientele and keep the secrets without exposing them). The big role in account success takes the account creation process and how that account was created. So if the seller has created accounts with bad proxies, using not-trustful email domains, using VOIP/Virtual numbers to verify accounts, or by any chance left any footprints in the creation of the accounts - you might be in trouble since those accounts won’t be in good shape and don’t have a good account score. I would recommend you asking the seller how he is creating his account just to be sure, but don’t always trust them even if you think they are telling the truth! And ask for free test accounts before buying a bunch of, so you can test the quality of them. If they will not provide you one free test account, I would probably try to find another seller :slight_smile:

  • Some of the account sellers could be scammers to make sure you don’t get caught on those. Always try to find reviews about his service/or any of his other business in other forums, websites. Ask for vouches if possible (common in Telegram).

  • Some sellers (in most cases) will be using account creation email to create more accounts in other social media channels (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to cut their costs and have higher revenue per sold account.



  1. You don’t need to worry about how accounts were created since you created them by yourself. You should keep the note of with which IP you created your account, at what time, what browser user-agent you used, and any other details of your account creation process so you can keep a track and analyze why some of your accounts performing better than the other ones (great if you are trying to create accounts using different methods so you should be tracking your account creation process so you can analyze data). I myself have an Excel spreadsheet of about 50 different details of each account (including mentioned things above, MP settings, emails, passwords, and many many other tiny details - for the sake of analysis on later stages).
  2. You have full rights to your accounts.
  3. No risking of buying bad accounts from sellers


  • It takes time to create accounts. You probably be creating your accounts on your own, hiring a VA’s to do the account creation or just buy (or use free alternatives) account creator software. If you managed to create accounts on your own, you probably be trying to find the best method and way to create great accounts and that requires time, money and patience.

  • Some inexperienced people could be creating accounts in the wrong way thus leaving some footprints.

My advice:

If you are just starting out - try to create the accounts on your own using different methods (with phone, emulator, account creator software, on website, etc.) and try to test which set of accounts perferm better.

If you are busy or/and running more accounts - probably try to find the private account seller who has automation software and can modify it for your needs, or just hire VA’s. Also, you can try to buy accounts in batches from different sellers to test them. Anyways, just find the way that is better for you :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading it! :slight_smile:

If you have anything to add, please provide your opinion, thoughts and experience on that so other community members can benefit from it :slight_smile:

To be continued…more guides are coming for you guys! :wink:


good post pow! Can you suggest any good account creating software?

i had seen gramcreator but dont know if it’s good

i dont have time to create accounts manually so i am looking for a good bot for the same


Luckily I been Lucky maybe 2-3 invalid credentials in my 2 years of buying random accs off BHW / MP. But at the back of my head I can see this as a major issue . I won’t bring up any names but i hear stories of this happening.


@dollardude16 There are a lot of account creating software, even Jarvee has one implemented (as far as I know). Well, I would advise you to get a private software built if you managed to create good accounts manually already. I wouldn’t trust any account creator software, unless you don’t care about your account longevity, its trust score, or you basically run the accounts blackhat. Just my tips.

@SwagWaffle Happy to hear that no one scammed you. Lucky guy lol :smiley:


The guide machine is back :fire::bomb::boom: Thank you!

Did you or someone else tried the instagram account creator tool inside of jarvee? I wondered since I’m here in this forum that nobody talked about it as far as I read. Thats why I thought it cant be that good. But ok the other side can it be that bad? :joy:

Did you already used an account creator software @pow? I would like to automate the process on my phone in the future. Do you know where you can find someone to do that in phone?

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Yet another great read, thanks @pow! I have never bought accounts from public sellers, I taught a friend how to create them with good quality and then paid him to do it for me. In my opinion it’s the best option for someone who has a big operation going on. If you don’t have a friend, maybe hire a VA as you said.

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Great guide :fire: you’ve been killing it recently with these.



Haha, thanks thought! :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried it, but some people tried it here on the forum. I personally wouldn’t use any account creators :slight_smile:

@JackGagger Happy to hear you found a way to create quality accounts! :slight_smile:

@Dconley Hahah, thanks, trying :slight_smile:

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The account creator in jarvee worked ok with proxies 5-7 months ago, and then i changed to my mobile ip and that worked good until 1 week ago…Now “something went wrong” comes up on most attempts even if u have a new mobile ip and jarve profile with uniqu device id and stuff for each account…weird that it stopped working


Well you can buy new accounts from various sources for 1-2 USD and test them for 4 weeks (by SLOWLY) warming them up and doing NO CHANGES to profile pic, bio and so on (just posting, follow/unfollow, likes). After that time you have an idea with what sources you can work.