OVH deals 1 eur dot com

OVH sent me email. Has eur1 dot com deal[OVHDEALS]-20170717-[SD.cta]


Nice :ok_hand:

Registering to 1$ .com domains from different Godaddy accounts and transferring them to one account is also possible.


Thanks. I will register a domain with this as soon as I can activate my account (which is not written anywhere how can I do it).

Contacted their support and they want scanned documents:
-Photo ID (Driver Licence or Passport)
-Proof of Address (Utility Bill or Bank Statement)

What do you think, is it safe to send them these?

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Some said using EU ip to bypass it but i just sent mine from origin anyway.

I think my Hungarian IP address is European enough. :smiley:
BTW I can’t send them scanned proofs of address because I don’t get any bills or statements, all of them arrives online.

I used NL IP, and they didn’t ask for any documents.

Often, with other services when they ask for an address I sent them the digital bills. In pdf. It was always accepted. I also get all bills by email. No papers to scan.


but we need new credit card for buy doamine for 1$!!
you have solution for this?!

virtual credit card?


i was tried with entropay in godaddy but doesn’t work

OVH’s domain offer is sold out. I missed this one because their stupid verification process.
But I found a GoDaddy coupon code which offers .com domains for 0.99 USD. Coupon code is: cjc99com