OVH IPs still worth it?

I had like 48 OVH IPs that I was using back in the days for IG marketing before it kinda died and I moved on to other things.

The proxies were like a one time set up fee and then they cost me like 3 bucks per month to maintain so I just kept them in case there would be need for them.

Now the past couple months there were price increases and now there was a price again. So I am wondering, is it still worth it to keep these proxies or should I let go of them.

Is there any use for these IPs still? I remember back then they were working for IG automation, but then after a while back in 2019 or so everything stopped working so I moved on.

Anyone? 13chars

It’s hard to testify of their quality (flagged / not flagged), so I would recommend you to run a few accounts with them, and see if you have issues.

  • If not, it means you can potentially do something with them - then you need to work on this : what to do ?

  • If you find issues - there are many other ways to use proxies. Instagram marketing is only 1 path, there are 100 others.

And Instagram marketing is far from being dead, as long as everyone still use Instagram :smile: