[PACK] A collection of LUTs for our beloved editors around the forum

Thanks, @Larsometer, kids crying now…

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@bakedcookie sorry did not want to hurt you. But the examples given do not show the magic of teal and orange. They are way too dull / flat and dark.

Edit: just and example on where teal and orange worked:


Edit: i’m out of likes. I’m joking around. Not mad or anything :rofl:


cool pic :slight_smile: this time without teal and orange

I got your point, what you want in simple words is what any image processing software does when you use the auto-adjust option, even google has it in google photos.(All cameras when shooting in JPEG do this as well)
But… of course you can create an script to do what you need, however the judgement of what “looks good” or not is totally subjective, never seen any piece o software that today without AI, machine learning, neural networks, or similar techniques achieve what you want. And as a photographer I don’t want that too!!

Note: there are tons of software to process images in bulk maybe in some you can apply some filter or LUT, but none has the intelligence that you are looking for. In Photoshop or Lightroom you can do it with a few clicks. (Actions and Presets)


Am using CaputureOne and loving it for my personal use. But of course not the right tool to change 1000 of pics at the same time.

With python PIL you can apply LUT. Also with the AI libraries you can do some pre selections. I mean we are talking about IG here and not professional photography…


thank you for these i love some teal and orange looking shots!

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