Packet stream proxies - Review?

Hi. The proxies from packetstream claim to be residential and are pretty cheap - 1$ per GB. Did anyone use them? Any review about the proxies will be really helpful

Depending on the account usage one account can use between 5-15gb of traffic. The risk of paying 5-15$ for a residential proxy sounds kind of expensive. If I am correct, we (the community) have better offers in the marketplace.

Accounts which send just Dms - its easy to use to residential proxies that charge per GB since the data consumption will be very low and they wont get blocks that frequently.

And for the main accounts, if one has the luxury of choosing their country, i dont think 10$ for an account is too much (It will be way cheaper than this, since most of the scrapping is done via scrappers on DC proxies), assuming that these are real residential proxies without any leaks. But thats the big IF!

I tried Packetstream a while back for a similar Instagram use case and everything worked for a few days, then I received a ban across many accounts. The same is also true when I attempted to use the proxies on Pinterest.

But this was 6 months ago, and I did not do a direct proxy-to-proxy comparison.

Keep in mind that residential IPs are only as good as the last user and may not change as frequently as you think. With a service like Packetstream, it’s very possible that someone else used the IP and abused it earlier the day. It’s also possible Packetstream switched my IP too often. Even if you ask for a “static” IP there really is no way to guarantee this.

It’s not like US residential IPs grow on trees. You get what you pay for in my eyes. But the service is very fast and reliable-- why not give it a try and report back?

Thank you for the honest and to the point review. Its true, Us proxies dont grow on trees. Time to burn another 50$ then! But i so wish these turn out good, atleast from creation of accounts :smiley:

Isn’t a dedicated private 4G Mobile Proxy with unlimited data cheaper?
10-20 IG accounts on one 4G Proxy, is about 3-5USD/account and you get all the benefits of a 4G Proxy :thinking:

where does one buy such proxies at such a price though Boris?! Finding it hard to find such a deal that doesn’t scream scam.

I offer 4G mobile proxies in the #public-marketplace at 57EUR. We are offer free upgrades to rotating 4G proxies at the moment. Put 10-20 IG accounts on that proxy comes out to about 3-5USD per IG account.
Of course it would be safer to do less, but if it’s a budget issue… gotta take some risks :man_shrugging::wink:

took the plunge, many thanks