Page Block risk.. ? or only profile block risk?

[newbie question]
using Jarvee.

im posting on my FB business page, then im using 10 FB accounts to share the page post to 10 groups each.

im doing my best with the posting to groups:
1- have couple of RSS feeds from authority sites related to my niche.
2- posting only 5 days a week.

I plan to use the FB profile accounts to send friend request to the group members and after they become friends im planning to invite them to my page.

my question is that i know that there is a risk that my FB profile accounts could get banned, but is it possible that because of the above listed actions my FB page could get banned… ??

and if yes what is the best practice to avoid this.

Im ok to sacrife the FB profile accounts but not the page.

i don’t think so, actually i think it’s a good method, did you face any kind of issues previously?

That shouldn’t happen but what you can do is to automate other actions as well. Try automating as many tools as possible. Also, don’t post more than 10 times with one account per day. After couple of weeks maybe you can go up to 20 posts per day but for starters try not to overuse it.