Page Reach Problems 2019

Hi, Faceboook have added i think the last year the possibility to join some groups with your page i have done it in the begining it was quite well but after it my reach on my page have decreased massively and even people on the groups don’t see a lot my posts

Do you think sharing with my single page to other group is the reason why i got this sudden drop of reach if Yes what should i do ? Do i have to delete all the shared post ?

Also i share now my group posts and the admin is my page so i share with my page too how can i get people to go to my group because the only thing they see is my page name not the group

Do you have any answer ?

Facebook Pages with links is the main reason. I’ve seen million likes on a specific page, when they share any pic, but when they share a link, their reach goes down to 70%, and it will continuously goes down, if they still share links which people don’t like it or simply don’t click on it.

So it’s not problem of sharing your page into groups. It’s your content which other people don’t like it.

It doesn’t mean you should not share a link ever, you can, but you must create a content in your site, that drive huge clicks.

The problem man is that i never shared any Links so the fact that facebook ended my organic reach is just show like i said in another thread that they don’t care about the creators like not even a little 1% + i think now they are completely changing their platform from it used to be they gonna focus more on Groups and Messenger that’s it Pages now are only for Making people Pay ads nothing else . If somehow they gained more attraction next years by this “Groups+Messenger strategy” then it will be a massive change for them and we can say that they are not only about money but they also help us but for now they are just going more and more down

They have kill orgranic reach for sure, but still there are many pages working fine, specially meme and sarcastic pages. And still people can opt for “first see from this page” things from page as well as from their main feed setting. You can urge your followers to do that.

I Love your positivity and all of that but let’s be honest organic reach is just pretty much dead it’s just question of time to completly ending pages even if it’s just a theory but go see last f8 keynote
where Facebook are telling they will change everything : they wanna add crypto “libra”, design of the platform more modern and pure like on Insta, dating app linked withfacebook,Huge focus on Groups and friends lists,“security :joy:”, Messenger and also i think they want to be back to their prime with making Facebook a Cross platform where it will have a place on Instaram and whatsapp the 2 company they own so even people (wich is a big majorityof millenials) that stopped using Facebook gonna re use it with all this new stuff and who know they will make ads on group and make Sign up more easly like on other smplatform so we will not be forced to link our personnal stuff with business so with all of that said i think now that they have massive budget+big project (libra) in their hands and vr stuff… most of stuff i said is probably the things they are planning to do so Pages have really a very tiny chance to be on this big Facebook Project that’s why everyone now for the last 2/3 years see just facebook going down organically and being Forced to pay ads to play


It’s facebook bro It happened to all my pages I just decided to not use facebook anymore.

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You will not get any faster to level 2: D If, of course, this is: D
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I have the same problem too. My page has been oppened , the reach has been okey. After 5 days i faced the same problem again. I don’t know what should i do now ?