PAID - Anyone interested in setting up 300 accounts on MP for me

Anyone interested in setting up 300 accounts on MP for me.

I would be looking to buy ages accounts that need loading on MP. Happy to pay for this just let me know what you can offer.

For the maintence I will be happy to upload pics, adjust activity settign etc myself going forward. If you would like to mentor me that is also an option where we can discuss a monthly fee.

I have loaded 15 accounts bit its taken me 2weeks because the phone verification number seem to run out all the time. Im using easypva.

Let me know of anyone can help… I run a premium lip balm business and as I am the manufacture there should be enough margin for this to work for all parties. I am the owner of an award winning beauty balm.

Example: 50-70 sales a day (£7 per sale) 10% you way… You get the idea…

Verin (open to discussion/offers)


is it One time setup or you need Instagram Mentor?

You can do it by yourself. You are doing great with spamming:)

This is your 3th post in one day on the same question…


Didnt know the correct place to put it

It depends on what your looking for. If you want it to just be setup we can do that.

If you looking for a longterm approach then we welcome a mentor where we can give a % of sales etc.

PM me if your interested

And then you had to put it everywhere?

never mind;)

But i dont think anyone will be interested. Be more specific in your post. Like who have to pay for the accounts? the proxies? Why would anyone go for this product in stead of an proven product?

I think nobody will invest in this, to see if they can make some money out of it.

Good Luck!


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We are not looking for investment.

I will cover the setup costs etc.

Its a zero risk offer. All we need is someones time.

The product is an award winning (winner of best new lip product at the pure beauty awards in a first year of launch) beauty balm beating BurtsBees (a $250mil t/o business). I assure you it WILL sell!

And this is the problem:)

Time is money. So no zero risk!

Why dont you do it yourself! MP is great for multi platform marketing. Or hire somebody to set it all up and then take care only of promoting your products!

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Good luck with finding someone, as I said in your other thread, you can look at hiring a VA for this job if you can’t find anyone. Usually marketers they each have their own thing they are doing and it’s quite hard to make them change that. And this will take some time, it’s not a 10 minutes per day job.

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Hi makes sense.

I think last case I will just do them myself and learn the system

Can you send more info about unique images feature please?