Paleo/Keto for clear mind and high energy

Hey brothers I am a big proponent of the primal lifestyle, have you guys tried paleo and/or keto? If so, how has your life changed? Also feel free to ask questions on what I do to feel so good! :zap::fire:

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Here’s my summary before I share my experience:
Keto is usually talked and discussed in the form of a diet NOT a lifestyle and I 100% agree with.

2 summers ago i went into a 2 month bulk phase starting at 160lbs where i wanted to reach 200lbs before initiating my cut. Unfortunately eating 5 times a day plus daily protein shakes gets sickening after awhile and i only made it to 190lbs. Anyways I used the Keto diet as a way for me to cut the weight and after 5-6 weeks got back to 165lbs pounds and was looking super LEAN, (i mean super vascularity, i had an 8 pack after my cut.) Now Keto was super helpfully cutting weight and getting my body fat % in the single digits BUT my face was breaking out terribly due to all the red meats and dairy products I was consuming on a daily basis. Oh yeah and the “Keto flu” is no joke. Luckily I got around this with Himalayan pink salt and instead of cutting out all carbs i gradually lowered my carb intake over a period of about a week. As far as having a heighten sense of energy and clear mind i felt no such noticeable benefits and i actually felt hungry alot of the time.

Brother forget what others say. Stick to science, proven facts & studies :wink:

I recommend High Carb, Low fat, plant-based diet.

Protein have .75g/lb of body weight for optimal muscle growth

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I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting and balanced macro nutritients. Carbs depending on if I’m on a muscle building or a fat loss cycle.


Have not tried keto, but I fast for 24 hours once a week (still drink water). Focus is wayyyy better during/after fasting.

Go get an allergy test done, I would bet money on dairy 100%. Had a hard few years with really bad breakouts between 19-22 as I was consuming a lot of dairy for gains. Still have some battle scars.


Foods I’ve cut out to help me focus (unless on a rare occasion): corn products, dairy products, wheat products, sugar, non pink salts.

Some of my favorite foods use these products, so I have replaced wheat based pasta with buckwheat pasta (very high in protein). I also limit nachos/tacos to once a fortnight if I am craving.

Some other things I personally look out for (they will help focus):

  • If you can sh*t properly, fix your gut with a mixture of; prunes, chia seeds, dates, psyllium husk, cocoa. You can also have celery juice on an empty stomach in the AM.

  • If you don’t wake up with a boner(usually best way to tell) - make sure you get enough: Zinc, VitD, Magnesium and B vitamins in your diet. Also stop watching fking porn/fapping and go deadlift instead.

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Intermittent fasting is working great for me, and has become very easy!
Thomas DeLauer provides great scientific insight on it on Youtube.

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Both Keto and Intermittent Fasting are not clinically proven optimum ways (for most people) to lose weight. Keto works much better with pre/full on diabetes.

I personally believe any restriction diet where you limit entire food groups are not maintainable long-term. And like Agent242 mentioned you’ll be going into a flu every-time you slack off with carb restriction and then have to feel sick while your body goes back into keto mood. That sounds horrible.

Plus carbs are great for building muscles. Nothing helps your deadlift/squad/bench more than carbing up the days before.

Good lesson learned huh?

For everyone else: Do not dirty bulk by adding 30lbs in 2 months since no one can build anywhere near that amount of muscle in that short amount of time without drugs (even with drugs that’ll be hard). And then you’d just have to suffer after by dropping that 25 pounds of pure fat gained with extra dieting and cardio.

Might as well have just lean bulked 0.5-1lb/week for a couple months then did a very small cut and you probably would have ended up in nearly the same place without as much suffering.