Panels are down !121212

Hey guys, so all the panels for Instagram, Facebook and everything else are down, does anybody knows what’s going on?

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all i know of are all down… mass extinction is you ask me. socialiterr followiz bulksocia smm-heaven i wonder how big brother did all that


They fixed it now

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here we go again

likes work but are very slow

Do you know any reliable SMM panel?

At the moment there’s nothing working, followers not working, likes, only views working, if someone knows panel that’s delivering followers and likes at the moment, please send PM

I believe as things are right now with IG, you cannot expect pannels to deliver instantly. Many panels are hit

The pages that my clients use are delivering fast.

I think the following:

If someone have the answer and he give her good smm provider here in the lvl1, everyone that make a simple google search would get the answer and after some time, her good smm provider will became a bad smm provider because many requests they will be receiving.

Same think goes to proxy provider.

  • So my advice is to look and test.

Guys i can’t find working panels so please give me a name for a panels which works good now

I litterally know no panel atm. that works. Everythibg is delivered partially or with several days delay.
Also just reading on other boards seems to reveal that there is a hugeeee issue right now with panels. Do not waste money on trying not working services anyways.

Yeah man huge delays, 2 days likes maybe deliver ok but then 4 days nothing works and it goes like that for months now

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And everything is drip-fed. Nothing instant working anymore! And all the claims of instant and stuff is pure nonsense.

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Some one told me that 2pandas working now but not instant