Partnering up for a new company

Hey guys,

Looking for someone to partner up with to run ads/run all sales traffic/run affiliate program in return for some equity for the company. Serious inquiries only, message me asap!

How can I cooperate with you?

What infrastructure have you got in place? Or are you just looking for someone that has traffic and you will provide the networks?

What company? How much equity? Is there a loyalty programme? What type of ads?

Any serious person needs much more info.

You had some topics about this in the past, you have talked with (that i know) minimum of 5 members many hours on skype, never made any deal.

This time you will make a deal with someone?

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Ah, cheers for that Danny, just read the topics… I will be sure to stay away.

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We ended up bringing in a intern and training him on account setup. We’re looking for someone to help us with Ads. Preferably Google and FB.