Password loop comprmised

hii friends
after a long time not using JA
i start it on only to unfollow (I wanted to delete the old people JA follow before some time)
i deleted about 200 people in 2 days
i get some temp blocks on the way
did some login and out
and now i have a account compremised loop
i shutdown JA
but i have a problem with the account on my phone
its told me the change my password because i give my password to some growing service
and if i continue doing it i get action block

now im in this situation

  1. i get the action block
  2. im in a changing password loop

im changing the password the account works to 15 minutes
and after 15 minutes told me to changing the password agine

help me please

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my situation now is …

  1. my account have an hard block antil the 30.3
  2. today i need to change password only 2 times

so i maybe think its over on the 30.3
maybe its a new punishment by IG
but i don’t understand how nobody else have this problem like me :thinking:

… here we go.
Why did you ignore them? If you get too many TB you should consider a cool down.

Now the only thing is to wait and give the account some rest.

yes you’re right i only whont to unfollow 200 people JA follow before some time

now im whiting JA is shutdown

but the change password requires don’t stop :man_facepalming:

i get AC/account compromised issue when I use my account on IG app without night mode. If you log out of your account from IG app and unfollow using APi full emulation, you should not get AC too often.