Pay Per install VS CPA

I noticed many people are doing pay per install rather then CPA on youtube niches, any info I heard some sites pay 2.00 USD per install and is not hard like doing surveys.

PPI usually accept only one type of traffic - desktop or mobile(also one type - android/ios… ).
But there is no problem to use TDS.

So what I wanted to say… :smiley: Didn’t had good results when I was trying yt + ppi, as traffic was too mixed.

Also know some guys who have very good results in PPI from doorways.

Can someone recommend any good PPI networks?

Those that I’ve heard before are now mostly scam networks, at least according to their users, they either not pay or suspend your account.

So, if someone can share list of reliable PPI networks, that would be great. Just please don’t say: “I read this or that network is good”, I would like to know if you have any personal experience with the network.

@Adnan I’m not sure what the rules are here, but since you’re asking, I work for a network with lots of great cpi/ppi offers. PM me if you want to know more. I don’t want to post the link because all of our publishers need to be pre-approved. We’re looking for quality over quantity I guess you could say.

So no blackhat ?

blackhat is ok, we have lots of incentive offers, direct to the play and app stores as well. But some of the advertisers do monitor the lead quality.

By quality over quanity, I mean guys are not trying to defraud us and guys who actually run successful campaigns, not just looky loos who don’t do anything

can you PM me more info im still a beginner but once I get the hang of it I will apply, right now I am part with they give 2.00 dollers per install

Hello there, I just found this post and wonder if anyone is interested in working together. I have several products here and looking for BUYING huge good quality Desktop Traffic on CPI basis. I don’t have the spending limit for good quality traffic. Please suggest. I’m looking for a long term cooperation.

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Talk to you soon.