Paying ads, the only solution to grow on instagram?

I feel like Instagram is winning and the only way to gain more followers without being 24h a day on our phone is to pay them money so they can put ads infront of the new users. If Instagram launched today, we would be laughing at a platform that expects us to spend so much just to get in front of audiences. :triumph:
But hey until JV make a fix to their tool what other choice do we have to propose to our clients and to our selfs. ???
Let me know your thoughts guys if now it’s the only solution that we have to propose to client (paying ads) so he can grow.


I feel like IG ads growth is pretty low… Or you have to pay 100 dollars per day ehe…

Better paying this for m/s


if you gonna use ads then you need ro prepare yourself for drop in egngagement. From my experience, once i started using ads i noticed drop in engagement it’s like instagram forcing you to pay ads in order to get exposure & engagement for your post. Instagram following facebook steps, because the facebook doing the same thing now with pages.


Instagram ads are not very good to grow your account with followers but they are best to promote your products or services considering you know how to target, optimize campaign and have budget to invest. If you want to grow, well then its not going to be easy anymore. Best is to focus on one niche and make connections with other influencers and people, invest money in shoutouts, promote your account outside Instagram. So its time consuming and hard but once you figure this out you will get good results and followers, not account with 20.000 followers from follow-unfollow that are not interested in your content and where you get 100-150 likes per post.

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Totally not worth the money. If you are spending money for growth, you have better chances with spending it on people around here who are still successful and know what they are doing. Or, you can outsource the manual method to someone from a third world country who can be doing 200-400 follows daily for around $100 per month, as it will take him ~2 hours daily to do these tasks


youtube and tik tok is the best places to be moving to at the moment


Youtube if you dont have good content just forget it
Tiktok full of kids and most of its audience are from 3dword countries like india. so is not really worth the hustle


If Instagram is actually lowering the engagement rate and reach of the account after getting a business account or buying ads - then I don’t know where Instagram is going with this (of course, they want you to pay more for ads) considering the fact that there are much cheaper and better ways to grow (for example, M/S, shoutouts). It seems that the war between Instagram and Growth managers who provide growth (M/S, shoutouts, powerlikes, etc) - at the end, managers are going to win in either case because the outcome is better and cost-effective. I’ve seen one guy spending 20k$ on ads and he got only 40-ish something followers lol. Such a waste of time and money, and without considering the fact that the reach and engagement afterwards is f*ucked up as well. So either Instagram has to fix their bullshit ad system or we will keep earning more money than Instagram


False Tik Tok has a while range of age groups also they are the fastest growing platform at the moment tik Tok is more of a vine then anything. The problem is people assume it is full of kids the same way they did facebook and the same way they did Instagram. Also they did youtube the same way if you start early right now you will get more leverage on the platform instead of waiting. This seems to be Social media marketers biggest mistake a mistake they keep making.

Side note: tik Tok has around 500 - 700 million active users and is the most download app in every App Store the smart thing is to jump on it early

Also you should have good content on every platform


Here are my 2 cents.
I run paid adverisments on Instagram for more than a month 10 euro each Day and i get 50 to 100 New followers per Day and average 0,8 sales per Day at my eshop. If you find the correct image (my secret sauce. Search for type of image with huge likes on accounts with alot of private follower - they usualy buy Ads from instagram, they are usualy photos of alot of products and a face with a strong expression) the photo must be on a perfect aligment with your instagram account photos. When you find this photos, you can growth your account making a profit at the end. I now wait to restoke inventory to spend even more on Instagram Ads. I know i am looking like an instagram employ but give it a try, with some business models maybe work and with other not. I read this post at bed before sleaping and i am typing with my Phone, sorry for the long post and bad english.


I love it when I get clients who tell me, “I’d like to cancel. We are going to go a different route on growth.”

Me: “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

Client: “Instagram Ads.”

Me: “Talk to you in a month :)”


You can do this in certain niches, but not just growth across the boards. You mentioned ‘e-shop.’ Whole different market. Growth / Sales I would ONLY use ads for.

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Every fcking time.

“Password the same?”


Grew 300 followers off paid ads today (pretty sure it doesnt hurt engagement as well)


Sounds like people who don’t like Instagram ads to grown an account, have never actually ran Instagram ads or know how.

Meanwhile my bid strategy can ensure I hit the explore for half of the day, and gain an easy 1,000+ followers daily and predictably.

Moreso I’m not taking about your basic trash niche meme viral reposting garbage pages that you struggle to monetize.
Real brands
Real personal brands
Real companies
Real retargeting campaigns that can be targeted and LLA’s can be found via purchase conversions.


If you got it unlocked like that, then why even be on this forum?

No strategy on here can compete with those numbers.


how much did you pay?

You don’t need to only pick one.

If one strategy works, and another strategy also works…

Why not do both?

I’ve seen plenty of people get amazing results with ads. And I’ve also seen people get amazing results with viral content, influencer marketing, mother/child etc.

hahaha, best thing when I get message: “Hey, this is our last month with you, we have better offer, guy from India is offering the same service (my price $300-$600 monthly) for $50.” Oke, talk to you in few days. 2 Days after: “Ok, this guy is a scam, can we work again?” :rofl:


Talk about adding insult to injury. :laughing: