Paying for IG Story Shoutouts / Links

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

I would be very interested in trying out a service that connects you with influencers to give shoutouts / links on their IG stories. Do you know of any services like this?

If any of you do have experience with this, how did it go? Do you know what typical costs are and/or results?

I would guess that if you get the content right and the right influencer you could get really cheap CPCs this way…or is it called cost-per-swipe now?

There is no website or service that I know of that offers this.
Results will be less than normal shoutouts and promotion but the price will be lower as well.
Contact 20 or so accounts in the niche you are targeting and pick the best match

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You could try going through Fiverr - it’s a freelancing service that offers a great deal in the way of social media marketing.

There are Sellers on Fiverr who are willing to give you a shoutout on their page for between $10-$30 depending on the size of their audience. Just be sure to check out their Insta account first, and do some homework on whether their account looks legit or not (beware of fake follower accounts).

Good luck!


Hey man! Do you have any experience with this? I already looked on fiverr a few weeks back but came to the conclusion that most of accounts are pretty crappy… So therefore I’m wondering if you had any experience with this.

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Hey, you should checkout Social Bluebook. Essentially a directory of influencers with direct contact information and a suggested pricing. I am not affiliated nor sponsored by them, I have just used them for influencer campaigns in the past.

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I know of a company called Marketer Press ( which connects such brands with influencers. I haven’t used them but I think they only have very big influencers.

Note: I am not in anyway affiliated with them.