Payment service that allow you to give free days to an existing subscription?

Hi folks.

Just wondering if there’s any service out there that allows -upon disasters like the ones we’re suffering- to add extra days to existing client’s subscriptions. How do you guys manage this?

Stripe or Paypal don’t offer this. You have to create a new subscription, which is exactly what I’d want to avoid.

Let me know what works for you.


With Paypal you can “suspend” the subscription until issues are resolved… basically they won’t be charged until you resume subscription again, I have done this with a few clients. Not sure if that would help you or not but you could suspend for a few days and then resume perhaps?

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Ah. that’s interesting.

Does it have to be one by one though? Imagine you want to extend 200 clients…

Im not sure if there is a bulk option or not but if you go to where your subscription buttons are in PayPal you should be able to see if you can select multiple accounts and then suspend or not, might have to be done individually and yes would be a pain for 200+ clients haha

Apply a 100% coupon onto the subscription of the client for a limited time period. I’ve done it before :slight_smile:

Two questions:

  1. How do you do this?

  2. Can you do it in bulk?

  1. Create a percentage or fixed dollar amount coupon in stripe and choose duration of the coupon. Go into customers, click on the customer, click on their subscription in their profile, click update subscription, click coupon and apply the coupon you created. (I haven’t done this since June, so I may be slightly wrong)

  2. Probably, I have not needed to try so I am not sure

No im using paypal, not possible in paypal??

I honestly don’t remember what I did with my PayPal clients, it’s been a while :frowning:

my setup is based on WooCommerce and there you can do this with like Stripe, goCardless etc. Paypal not if you have you have the “normal” subscription payments, cause the whole sub at paypal is onces set up unchangeable. Only if you have reference Transaction with Paypal - but you have to apply at Paypal to be allowed to set up recference Tansactions.