Stripe just informed me that I can’t accept payments through them anymore and recommended this company anyone have experience with this?


Are you doing dropshipping?


No Instagram client management


Any luck with thiis? I’m in the same boat. Check out Flagstar. They worked for me


Stripe emailed me back the next day and said they changed their mine and I was ok.


That’s awesome - how much do you usually charge each month? Do they know you do IG mgmt?


How much do I charge who? Weird thing I did is after they said they were banning me I added to my homepage ‘trusted marketing consultants since 2015’ and the next day they unbanned me. Hard to say if it’s related though.


That’s really funny. I was curious your dollar volume. I think that sometimes they let people by who are not doing more than X. I stay under $3500 a month and have not had problems. What are you going up to per month?


Yeah was very strange tbh. And I’m a lot higher than that so not sure.