Payments gateway for IG clients management. Any recommendations?

Hello guys! I want to ask you, what credit card gateway for ig clients management are you using? I used paypal, but got blocked on it, then switched to stripe and got blocked on it too. It’s frustrating but it is how it is. Maybe someone of you could recommend me any other payment gateway provider who is “friendly” with instagram clients managemen(instagram growth) service?? Please, let me know. Thank you!

I find with payment processors it’s all about how you describe your service. They don’t completely hate social media, they just hate high risk businesses. If your service is a ‘growth service’ that promises or implies results, there’s a high chance of chargeback from unhappy customers. If however you’re a digital agency providing social media management or community building services, Stripe won’t care. My agency billed about $2.5MM through Stripe last year, about 1.5 of which was for social media management and growth services.

If you’ve been suspended from Stripe and are looking for a new provider, do some research into high-risk payment processors, they specialize in these types of businesses for a slightly higher fee


No matter what payment gateway you choose, make sure you have a proper looking website with phone numbers, etc. So if Stripe or any other payment provider checks your business to assess the risk, they will see you as a proper company.

If you are worried about being locked down, try to go with local providers in your country that accept credit cards globally, this way you will at least have someone to complain about.

Did you ever think about using a non-credit card “processor” like TransferWise? For high risk (a lot of investment for the client), transactions we mainly use TransferWise so the customers cannot do chargebacks or other funny business if an ad campaign doesn’t go as expected (which happens sometimes).

Sadly all those FinTech companies hide behind quite good laws. Some offshore company agencies provide you with a merchant account where you can process your own payments directly via the bank. But to be honest I have not tried that yet.

In the past, we also had accounts locked. For example, Paypal accounts with 150k-200k$ monthly volume. Thankfully Paypal is violating quite a lot of laws so you can take them to court, but make sure it’s worth your while when you do it. Try to stay away from Paypal as far as you can, both as a consumer and a business.


I used Stripe + PayPal (both business with Legal LLC) without issues.
But be careful on PayPal they can do whatever they want even close account and hold your fund for 180 days even with real ID.
Good Luck!

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Hello guys, i can’t use paypal or stripe anymore in any way, so i need to find a different provider. I’m not sure if transferwise will work, because as i understand it doesn’t have subscriptions and also it doesn’t have direct card payment. A client must pay from his/her bank?

Maybe someone who also had troubles with stripe could recommend me where i could switch my clients management(follow/unfollow) business?

In most of the cases, they even transfer out the remaining balance 1 day before the 180 days are over and claim it as compensation for “brand image damages”. It is quite a criminal organization.

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I will never understand how TOS that allows a company to self-adjudicate, award, and collect damages without any third-party or judicial involvement is allowed in the US.

Highly criminal. Thanks to EU law (sarcasm), you cannot even get help from your Gov (ministries controlling banking sector and payment processors), because the Jurisdiction is in Luxemburg. The only option is to take them to court sadly.

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This criminal organization will works like charm .

Because PP makes connection with 300+ organizations include Tax Offices and other.

Be careful with your money transactions and KYC.