Paypal account limitation

Hi everyone here
Can anyone help me setting up paypal account
Two times in the same month i got account limitations on my both accounts
And my funds are on hold for 180 days
Can anyone help me for setting up paypal account
With proper guidelines
I am from india
Glad to have any indian who can solve

What are you using the Paypal accounts for? Are they real accounts or stealth accounts? they most likely get limited because of the type of business you’re running or the activities on those accounts such as receiving too much money on a new account, getting chargebacks often.

please check PM.

Doing business on paypal for social media management/marketing is usually a nightmare. I recommend just not using it tbh.

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Paypal frequently blocks my customers payments for several days for no reason whatsoever, and as soon as we start to collect too much money, paypal blocks the account and asks for proof

I’ll honestly advise you to simply stay away from paypal, unless you want to have sleepless nights worrying about your business or services.

People used to pay on paypal
How can i convert them in others payment options
Or any other which is good for payment option and client doesnt refuse to pay on the app or site
Other than paypal whichbis trust worthy and good to pay like paypal

I never have had any problems with PayPal. I think if you use it the right way (don’t use friends & family for business transactions) & don’t have too many chargebacks, you should be fine.

Oh. Which type of business do you use PayPal? I think that will affect for your PayPal.

I used to sell accounts @Jump

Yeah. Paypal always banned some products. You should read Paypal’s role.

Try using stripe instead. I’ve seen that many people who are doing the same are having the same issues and have stopped using Paypal.

You might want to take cryptocurrency for payment, I think it’s the best option for an account seller.

Hi everyone, i tried too with cryptocurrency but no one pay through crypto they all want paypal for payment
I dont know why.?

paypal is huge. everyone has it as a consumers. but because of scammers, they are very strict for business and seller accounts unfortunately.

paypal is such an ass to work with. I run a legit ecommerce business and they have limited/suspended my accounts over 15 times across 6+ accounts

yes @Blanca I also suspended 4 times and right now I am using 5 account

@jaha I think in India stripe account doesn’t allow international payments only for domestic use. have you some information about this ?

Just use normally paypal, dont use f&f and dont chargeback.You’ll be fine

Paypal always causes me issues I’ve gave up on it