PayPal dispute help (how to win) with Instagram services

Hi friends!

What are the best practices to win disputes/claims when you’re selling digital services/goods?

I know PayPal mostly favors buyers but have heard stories at times they don’t.

I have a current client trying to charge back a $1,000 and said item was not delivered, provided proof of delivery, and they changed to item not as described.

How would you guys combat item not as described?

Has anyone dealt with this?


Communication is the best way to win

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Most things involving social media is against PayPal‘s terms of service. Now with that being said, if I were you, I would submit all email communications and anything you can think of to show the service intent.In other words he got what he paid for.

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You sadly aren’t going to win.


Sorry Bro but very little to no chance to win this
Intangible Goods/immaterial goods on paypal are not allowed

try to use skrill in future

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Its a hit or miss for me, i get quite a few monthly.

I attach all screenshots of any communication (with their information such as IP address), a copy and paste of the Terms of Service which was accepted by the client, as well as any other proof.

If they disputed directly through their bank and not paypal, they will win most of the time (at least in my case)

If through paypal, you have high chances depending on your activity, how good a standing you are in with paypal etc.

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How do I know if they disputed through bank or PayPal?

I have called before for a specific case, and was told it was through there bank and had asked them about that, if it differs and they said that when its disputed through their bank or their payment method directly, Paypal is basically fighting the bank and will usually always lose at least with the product we offer.

As for just via Paypal itself, I find myself winning a lot of cases. However i don’t know what is what on a daily basis, but I do get at least 5 disputes monthly and win at least 2 of them.

Yes I did.

With two payments from the same customer that was acting in bad faith and abused the service still in debt with us.

She tried to get the refund but paypal decide both to my favor I guess was because I proof that she had 7 days test free before purchase but also she signed up the terms of services where say that there is not any refund at all.

I called paypal many times claiming this was unfair and the final result was in my favor.

Do you have any terms of service?
Do you offered free trials before purchase?

And to avoid similar situations in the future, I’m trying to not get monthly subscriptions on paypal, only stripe.

Wish you the best of luck

This is just plain wrong, they are allowed. Please check your sources before making statements like this.

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This has happened to me not a long time ago. I did the work for my client, and he initiated a chargeback several months later. He filed a chargeback with his financial institution, so his bank was going to make a decision, not Paypal. Even though I provided them good enough proof that he was lying, the bank decided in favor of their client, of course.
A little threat helped me get my money back. Does your client really want to tarnish his brand for a $1,000? Is it worth it for him? You better ask him.

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Put 15% of your revenue aside. With terms of service, proof service was used, customer communication, etc especially on stripe, it’s really hard to win. Paypal, I only win 30% & I have proof that I ran my service and my terms of service state their is no refunds after x amount of days.

The only chance you can win this dispute is by providing all the proofs, send all the emails, whatsapp messages if you have any, call records (that’s why I’m recording every my call haha) and cross your fingers

I spoke to someone at PayPal recently about a dispute and they said all they needed to know was that the service was provided and I would be covered.

I agree here - bad experience

What other payment platforms do you all use?

Paypal usually favors the buyer and if they paid through the bank, there is 0 way you can win as long as they just force a chargeback

I would recommend a simple contract to enforce the service and allow proof for your services.

Other than that, Paypal is very hard to win against. I consider it as cost of business

If it’s FF type of payment you have high chances (unless he calls a bank) chances will be 20-80% lose, if GS most cases you lose. Guys above wrote quite good about what has to be done.

Im sorry, but i think there is nothing you can do and paypal will return money to the buyer, you can be happy that paypal didnt block you completely because they don’t like us to sell these services through paypal and a lot of guys, companies lost their accounts. Always ask for bank wire transfer if payment is bigger.

You should communicate with the buyer. That’s the best way. Just try to convince the buyer to not escalate to Paypal.