PayPal Dispute when selling an account

Hi guys, I recently got a dispute on PayPal from one person that I sold an account to after 3 weeks. The transaction was over $200 and was payed using goods and services which was my mistake. Obviously I didn’t do anything to the account and I couldn’t have since there was a middleman involved. Will the chat log with the client suffice as evidence? What should I include as evidence and how should I approach the problem?

This wasn’t a mistake in my opinion for a transaction of $200, most people in the industry use PayPal. I never ask clients to send as friends and family. It’s unprofessional and against PayPal rules. Yeah you should provide screenshots of the chat and explain the situation. Although I don’t think that will help too much as screenshots can be forged quite easily. You are unfortunately at a disadvantage since it was a digital good.

Do you still have the original email to the instagram account?


Thanks for replying. I know what the OG email is but it’s had the password changed by the middleman so I don’t have access to it.

Call PayPal and explain the situation. Ask what you can do. They probably won’t really have much to say but it seems like whenever I call I get a better outcome on disputes. And try reaching out to middleman.

Hope everything works out bud.


Yes if you call PayPal you will have an advantage, I have won similar disputes in the past.


Ok, I’ll try. Thanks for the support guys!