Paypal doesn't let work to Social Media Marketing (Instagram services) companies!

Hi there!!!
I’m sorry if this is not the right category and I’m sorry if you talked about it in the past; but I think I should share what Paypal is doing weeks ago!!!

I’ve a company and Paypal closed my company account and don’t let me work with them. My company sell Social Media Marketing (Instagram Servicies mainly and Twitter y Facebook services as well) years ago. I’ve to work with Redsys and payment by card.

I tried work with Apple Pay throught Stripe and Striple closed my account as well. They didin’t let process payments throught them to Social Media Marketings companys.

Did u know it? any solution to process this kind of payments? I live in Europe (Spain) and I’ve many USA clients they don’t want add their card so I lost many customers there.

Thank you!!!

i heard about this. I don’t do this type of service but Thats pretty retarded they do this.

My company was closed as well once.

Later I sent them a information what they asked about.

Some proofs of what am I doing, opinions from clients, etc.

Show them that you are not money laundering and you should be fine.

Since you are selling something that does not exist physically.

When dealing with PayPal, you’re a social media management company, not a social media marketing company. It’s really unfortunate PayPal is this stupid, it honestly makes their service worse which doesn’t make sense from a business perspective (that’s what happens with monopolies I guess).

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Hey mate!!!
I’ve a company, I pay fees in my country so I can’t laundering money. Btw they closed my account without tell me something before, in minutes, telling me “violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy”. And they do it after work with them for years!!!

Use Moonclerk

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How have to pay clients? any site where can I check it, please?

If you want to go through the trouble of starting a legit business (LLC in the US, EU not sure), you can open a business bank account, then a merchant account for ‘something’, then get a payment processor that accepts “high risk” industries. I’ve contacted about a different industry. They just process the credit card payments, but they actually help you to set up the merchant account stuff. Honestly, it’s probably not worth it. I ultimately decided not to do the thing I was going to do, not SM related.
Since you’re accepting recurring payments, you may also be able to use Paypal by using an invoicing system like Zoho. I glanced at @wortime 's Moonclerk and I’ve never heard of it but it looks similar. When I used that I would have the invoice description as something like "Account services for …, or Management services for…, or something equally vague. Paypal doesn’t know what you’re doing, they don’t need to see your website because you’re billing directly. The slow-down is that you have to start the invoices one-by-one, but it’s worth it if it’s worth it. You can automate it with Zapier to some degree.
It does also depend on what exactly you’re doing, because if you get customers complaining that you’re not doing X as promised where X is a banned service, you’re out of luck.

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So basically, after any kind of disputes, you’re completely fucked?

Not always. I have not ran into issues like this after disputes for social media services.

Do not accept payments as friends and family or that may cause issues in a dispute.

moonclerk does work with stripe right? and stripe does not accept this type of business

Yes, I was fucked some days because I had to close my site for two weeks and to work hard to reopen; but I was tired of Paypal thieves (higher fees for each payment, higher fees to change coins, etc.). Payment with cards by RedSys is cheaper and the payments by phones (Apple Pay Cash or Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.) are cheaper yet so I think I’ll win finally :wink:

If you have a company in Paypal, Stripe, etc. you have to provide them your sites then of course they check them. In fact, if you try open a new bussiness account on Paypal you have to tell them your site and if they check you sell Instagram followers, Twitter likes, etc… They don’t let you open it… good luck!!!

And if they check and see you are offering a management service?

They accept mine…



You’ve had customers open disputes and Paypal has found in your favor? I’ve never had that happen for a product without physical shipping.

What caused you to close it, and what did you do to reopen it? Did you have to rewrite it to not appear as a smm company, or something else?

I know we’re getting off topic here, but for digital downloads or services I believe you should have a no refunds policy on your website. If you have that, and can prove the client logged in to absorb the digital product with print screens or proof the service was delivered… they will in fact, rule in your favor always. The no refunds policy is key here, because there are so many people that try to pull a fast one and buy it, take advantage of it, and try to get a refund for no other reason than they are childish, immature people who have no $$ and wanted to try to take advantage of your business.

I win almost every time, even though they are intangible services. Not sure if it’s just because I have a long history of successful payments or if the person that disputes has a poor history.

Can you explain why social media management is a high risk industry?

They tend to shut down accounts that specifically sell fake followers. If your services are labeled management services or consulting services, they leave you be. It’s on you to word your website and invoices appropriately.

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