Paypal limited 3 accounts within 3 weeks - scam

Paypal is pure fraud.

  1. Account----

I have a e-commerce store, connected to a business paypal account, received thousands each months for 1 year, no lost disputes, nothing, no risk for PayPal.

2 Weeks ago they limited it out of nothing, over 10k USD frozen for 180 days.

  1. Account—

Knowing that maybe the domain has been blacklisted me and my JV partner set up a new business account to the same domain. It worked for about 1 week, then PayPal limited the account. Again 1-2k USD frozen for 180 days.

  1. Account----

Knowing that another paypal business account connected to this domain would probably end up getting limited fast, we used a private paypal for manual payments. So clients place an order and get the instructions. Just to continue receiving money until the new domain + paypal business account is back.

Guess what? Account has been limited today after 1 week. Again frozen for 180 days with 1k+ .

PayPal is scam. In every way. But there is no option, since we must look at what clients want.

Should a new domain + paypal business account work?


PayPal is the worst. Ask your customers to not make any notes with PayPal saying order number etc. If you’re based in the us so do your customers you can try Zelle or an offline method like money order or western union. I know it’s time consuming but at least you don’t have to deal with PayPal.
I don’t know why PayPal hates e-commerce so much.

You should be careful - as they can take your money as well.

I had one situation they banned my account - on the 175th day - they took all the money on the account like just took it. Reason because I violated their User Policy so they can take up to $2,500 per violation.

Edit: totally misread.

Somebody must be reporting you or they’re getting really good at tracing your activities. Probably once you’ve been banned they’ll continue following any footprints. Had a similar situation with a Google Adsense ban over 10 years ago, still can’t get beyond a few weeks before they find me out and ban the new account.

Cant imagine. PayPal has an automatic system and no employee manually checky our store and footprints.

I had to change domain 2-3 times in the last 3-4 years and had a few business paypal accounts. As long as I register a brand new business accounbt with new company data, new bank linked, new domain linked…I am usually good for at least a couple of months or even 1 year.

I contacted a few credit card providers to have different payments options ready in my store.

Seriously? Whenever they have frozen my account, money was released after 180days and I could only bank withdraw it (not spend/receive money)

I did with the private account but even this got limited.
Yea I have a new domain now…brand new paypal business account in next 2-3 days
and I will use a couple of cc providers since most people (americans etc) wanna pay with their cards.

Is your product violate pp policy? And remember change your isp ip and computer also. Pp ia tech giant they easily to track your internet connection and computer. If you think you can use vps or vpn so youre really naive, its useless now in IM job.