PayPal problemssssssss

Hey guys, so I have this problem with PayPal. I am using it for more then 5 years now, had a lot of transactions and all. I could always withdraw money with no problems at all. But last night I tried to add virtual credit card on it, I didn’t know it couldnt be used to withdraw money on it, and now they limited my account, people with same problem says that this triggered some kind of security on paypal, and it got limited automatically, like maybe they think someone trying to steal money or something.

Can this be resolved somehow on my own, or do I need to call paypal? I really don’t want them to go trough my business or asking stupid questions, but I still need to withdraw money. I can normally pay for invoices, send money to other users, but I can’t withdraw it.

Hello Mate,
Ask the support team about the issue, and steps to resolve it.
In between, you can visit these threads where people discussed account limitations.
You can write about this issue to PayPal community.

Start using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin / USDT. Have control over your hard-earned money.

I hope, this helps!

support is your best chance to lift the limits try to call them and you don’t need to answer everything about your business just what you like

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Once it’s resolved, steer away from PayPal…


I mean it’s not really limited, I can still send money to my other accounts, I can pay invoices and do everything, I just can’t withdraw to any of cards I have on it. It just says that that action can’t be done at the moment, I read somewhere that I need to wait 72h, then it would work again. They are not asking me to verify account again, and I also never got message that says account is limited or whatever.

You should wait for another 72 hours. Don’t bother; they have too many policies which you can’t follow or tough to understand. Only, they know it.

PayPal likes to have control over the funds, and the sole reason is to protect buyers interest and prevent a possible scam. Since you have added/tried to add a new card, that’s a new event on your account.

I hope you will get full access to your PayPal soon.

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Contact PP support on twitter. They helped me solve my issues ever time.

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The only thing I know is that both Paypal and Payoneer are sooo slow when it comes to Chat or Email support. The best chance is to call them but last time I’ve waited 10 minutes for a phone call with Payoneer and nobody answered.

You can’t get Payoneer support within 10 minutes.
Yes, spend 30+ minutes then they will be available for sure.

During my initial days with Payoneer, I used to spend 4 hours a day to get support.
Their business verification system is also slow, and you don’t expect a response at weekends.

Similar things I also saw, but already when adding a new bank account. I got strange errors when trying to withdraw money. Some days later I could withdraw money, but got an email saying that there was a 2 day review before they would actually send it. After a week everything was ok again.

This problem was reproducible, when I added another bank account later the same thing happened again. And it was also solved after a week.

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I guess every time you add new card they want to check it out or something, maybe that the card is on your name, I had to verify my account 2 days ago every time I was getting in, from yesterday it stopped, and they are not so strict anymore. I guess it will be back to normal again soon. And those reviews I got on another account I have, its pending for few days before they send the money. Need to build some trust with the system I guess lol

paypal sucks mine got banned few days back for no reason i called them they say we can’t tell u why it is banned even. Just violating us for no reason

Welcome to the club !

1.5 months they suspended my account, 0 explanation and they are still reviewing my case.

yes, paypal can limit your account and hold funds for half a year for no good reason at all. Even if you provide all the supporting documentation they request. If you get lucky they can apply rolling reserves to your money received. Basically, long story short you’ve been super lucky so far not having issues for so long. NEVER keep more than 100-200£ in your account and always assume it can be nuked the next day. Sadly paypal is mostly necessary for most small businesses for the ease of use, but relying on them is a very bad idea and I have mates who had 100k locked for half a year which basically destroyed the business.

Indian Paypal Users have a Feature of Automatic Money Transfer which happens around 3-4 am IST,This feature saves us from Money being blocked due to Misc Reasons.Anyways you should transfer your Money Manually whenever you recieve a Payment from being safe even if Paypal Blocks you,There’s no reason you should keep a Balance in Paypal instead if you can pay someone directly whenever needed using the Debit/Credit Card attached.

Paypal is cool in my opinion and works perfectly unless you try to abuse their terms of service. As you already said yourself you were trying to link those Virtual bank prepaid cards maybe to avoid paying taxes or whatever the reason, but in most cases these cards bins are blacklisted so you shoudn’t be using them. Paypal is not from yesterday they have very good security in place. Call them, hopefully you resolve the problem. In worse case after 180 days you should be able to withdraw your money.

Move away from PayPal. Just go with crypto payments and you’ll be good. No frozen funds & third party processor fees.

today it was 180th day after my paypal got banned and all the money they transferred to themselves they say i violated their terms policy.
so they are taking my earned money :blush:

Over 1 year of transaction there was only 1 dispute which was resolved on same day is i refunded him straight away and there were no chargebacks other than that.

So its an advise don’t put all ur eggs on the same basket. Have a backup plan and use diff mode of payments so they all don’t get stuck

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Yeah right, just explain that to normal client

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