Paypal question regarding withdraw

Does somebody withdrawd more then 500 $ to credit card at once ?
I checked the limit for my account and its, 500 per day, but today I selected a bit more then 500 and I didn’t get any limit error.

Yep, I did it. Depends on your account. If it’s in good state, they lift it on their own.

You can call them and ask to lift even more. If everything is cool with your account, they usually solve it within minutes.

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So you also have 500 limit per day and manage to withdraw more ?

No, I don’t have $500 limit anymore, have no idea what’s the limit now, probably about 2K, but I called them and asked to lift limits.

Last time when I tried to withdraw more than 2K, I couldn’t. It also depends on your card and bank. Credit/Debit Card can also have a limit.

From PP:

“Until you lift your withdrawal limit, you’d be limited to $500 a month. After it’s lifted, you can withdraw far more, but again to your bank. In your case, with a debit card, you have that pesky $400 daily limit. This is because all debit cards have a daily limit.”

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I have 500 limit, but PP let me sent to card more. (I didn’t receive it yet, I did the withdraw today)
What are your thoughts on this ?

Call them and sort it out. Your best option.

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Paypal’s customer service isn’t the greatest, so you might not get what you want on the first call depending on the customer service agent . If that happens then just keep calling until you find someone eho is willing to help