Paypal "We need more information"

I have reached the limit and now paypal is asking me to verify with my national ID card, I am not from US or UK so my ID card must be translated. I have a file with my ID scanned and its black and white and I don’t know if the scan must be black and white or colored ?

Call or email their support and ask.

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Try with what you have.

Also, instead of emailing, call them, you’ll get your problem solved in minutes. With emailing, it takes couple of days. Always call :slight_smile:

Also, did they ask you for translation or you think it’s needed? I’m pretty sure it’s not necessary.

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Thank you Adnan.

I will call them.

When I select national id card. a text apperas that says if the id is not in english language, it must be translated by an authorised translator.

Damn. :slight_smile: on my ID all data is written in bosnian and English too.

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You are very lucky ! :grin:

You sent a scanned photo of ID or just a simple photo with your phone ?

Simple photo made with your phone. Crop it and send.

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After this ID verification, do I need to verify my adress by sending my last utilities bill ?

Tbh, I don’t know, they never asked me to do that.

Just send me your bank routing details bro. I can handle this for you. lulz


asking for national ID card?
illuminati confirmed

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sent, check your email


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Did you opened your PayPal account when you was 18?

Maybe they mean, if the name is not in Latin letters ?
It makes no sense to spend money on a translator if the name is already written in Latin letters.