PC banned from Instagram


My PC is banned from Instagram, I can’t like or comment anything, i’m action blocked. The problem is only on my PC.

What should I clean to unban it ?

I have tried changing IP, connecting with 4G instead of Wifi, using different browser, using an Android Emulator. Nothing is working !

buy a new one


When you changed from home IP to 4G, did you use the same login session?

Try adding those sneaky chrome extensions (ghostery, random canva, random user-agent, …)

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reset device IDs, clear cookies, let PC rest for 3 days to avoid 7 day hard block
if that doesnt work, put it in rice

jokes aside, have you tried VPN + clearing browser data/cookies?

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I must clear cookies before changing IP. If I connect to an old session the IP become banned even for new session.

NO. You have other problem, your PC is not banned :wink: Your account is flagged. Just use only IG app for a couple of days.

Don’t even try anymore you have to delete history cookies cache and all of those stuff after that you should reset your modem so that you get another ip adress after that let it rest for a couple days do not try using vps because instagram detects all of those